Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 27th?

Are you in a Funk?

You must be in Shreve then! have I mentioned the upcoming Shreve Migration Sensation?...more than once?

You'd never think that a town this small would have an annual event so BIG! With speakers like the wacky, but lovable Kimmy and Kenny Kaufman, the effervescent Jungle Jim McCormac, fresh from Guatemala, the resplendent rehabber's Laura and Bill Jordan, not just any volunteer, but the CERTIFIED Chuck Jakubchak and Ohio's Legacy Stamp (do you have yours?) coordinator Laura Jones!

Plus the vendors AND don't forget about all of the great birds to be found in the surrounding areas!

Did I mention the fresh food?
(and Amish pies!...ooh my!)

Yes dear, there will be Buffleheads...

...and Eastern Bluebirds...from behind...

...and Hooded Mergansers flying away...

...and Red-tailed Hawks watching you from above...

...and Song Sparrows...ah...singing!

And of course, the Sand Hill Cranes setting off into the sunset of another gorgeous day in Shreve!

*and for the Doodles, no staplers in Shreve!

Monday, March 22, 2010

This Butt's for you...

Who else butt the Doodles would be happy to get 'tagged' by a bird?

To the Doodles, there is some unwelcome irony to the name of my is mysterious.

Without getting into any unwelcome detail, Laurie...oops, I mean the Doodles, had minor surgery Friday morning. Not to worry, everything is fine...for the most part. In time she will be back to normal...or at least as normal as can be expected.

Now that all of this is BEHIND her, we can laugh and joke about things...just don't talk about staples...

A proctologists eye view of a Baltimore Oriole...

...and the same view of an American Robin...

The evil eye from an American Black Duck
...don't talk about their butts, they don't like it!

An uncommon view of a Common Yellowthroat.
See the yellow throat?

This may be the House Finch that soiled the Doodles jacket!

Gotta have my Doodles with me!

Make sure you have regular check ups!
*This has been a Public Service Announcement...thank you.