Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Blog Is ALive!!!...with special guests...Piping Plovers!

Cute lil beebee Piping Plover booty!

Yes, I know...where the heck have I been?! Well, lucky for you I decided to make a comeback today!

I went out to Maumee Bay in northwest Ohio along the beautiful shores of Lake Erie to see Piping Plovers. These are the first to nest in Ohio in 82 years! Nellie and NIsh, as they're known, are the kids of Monty and Rose( from the Chicago area. They decided to set up residence on the public swimming beach.

Black Swamp Bird Observatory has had volunteers around the clock since nesting began keeping an eye on things to make sure no harm comes to the parents or the nest. What a great job! If you can, please help them out with a donation at Thanks!


This one came to within three feet of me! I guess he just wanted to see what the hub-bub was...

They were zipping around so fast, snatching up delicious little bugs...nummy!

Pops was keeping an eye on this one it took a Sunday afternoon cool off bath.

Pops got bored and decided to fly right towards me. That's always a bit scary when you're looking through a telephoto lens!

This little guy was making a break for the retaining fence! He thought he was Steve McQueen in the "Great Escape!"

"Ah, outside the fence and mom and pops can't see me!" Though me and the volunteers sure could!

"Oh yeah...a nice cool soak!" I wanted to join in, it was about 90 out there in the sun...

Splish Splash!

Shake it lil babee!

                Now for a well deserved rest...

 I want to give specials thanks to my great friend Kim Kaufman for protecting these precious little lives and for helping me see them!...and Mark Shieldcastle and Josh for showing me where to aim!

Support your local plovers!

I have plenty more to catch up on...Wendy Park, Howard Marsh, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and more from Maumee Bay! 


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