Monday, August 9, 2021

Maumee in May...part deux...(that's francais for two...)

Everyone always gets excited when they see Bald Eagles, especially obnoxious teenage ones! we are again! We visited Maumee several times over the weekend...and I think I have more pics I didn't download...oops. There's also a few photos from our short visit to Magee Marsh mixed in too. I'll have another post with more! Woo-hoo! Warbly things! 

In the meantime...

Yep, another Bald Eagle...there's lots of them out there!

Poor Caron, waiting for me to stop with the picture taking! Let's get walking!

Ruh-roh! What could those fishies be doing? time...ask your parents.

Female Common Yellowthroats are always a little confusing when you first spot them!

Love them Catbirds! Egret...(Get it? Great Egret? Ha?)

I mooned you!

Say there Mr. Muskrat! Looks like you got a little something in your fur there buddy!



Aw, palate cleansing photo...Prothonotary Warbly...purty.

Prothonotary Warblies have sporty hair dos!

O-boy! A Red-tailed Hawk zooming around!

I wonder if anyone else saw it? I'm a terrible leader sometimes...

Why so angry bro? Sometimes those Red-winged Blackbirds have attitude...

A silly gray and white birb photo bombed by another silly gray and white birb. (Some folks call them Ring-billed Gulls...silly people....)

Poor Sarge the Wonder Dog, he wasn't allowed to go birding, he had to guard the cottage.

Speaking of guarding...the Tree Swallow didn't seem to care for all of the spectators.


Time for relaxing at the beach and watching the sunset...

Ha! I mooned you again!

Stay tuned for more birdies and warblies coming your way soon!

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  1. I’ve missed your humor. I’ll have to check back more often! Have a great day.