Monday, August 2, 2021

Maumee in May...part one of?

Birdin' buddies Chuck, Jennifer, Caron, Brian, Sarge the Wonder Dog, and some skinny freeloader guy...

So...finally back out in the field and now blogging again! Woo-hoo...or maybe not... Thanks to Brian and Caron for arranging a field trip at Maumee Bay with friends and having me show them around my favoritest places for birding, I got out of work for a few days! 

Everyone said they had a great time, though everyone always says that to me, after wincing...we managed to see quite a few birds...about 70. I thought that was a pretty good number for folks that had never been real birding before. The temps were in the upper 80's to 90 which made it a little rough, butt I never let anyone give up! "There's always one more bird...just around the corner....I promise...get up off the ground, it's not that bad!"

I wonder why I haven't heard from anyone since then...hmmm...oh well, on with the birds!

Everyone wanted to see a warbly...and what do I show them first off? A wacky female American Redstart that's abnormally shy.

"Awwww...look at the baby goose!" Future pooping Cobra Chicken!

It's always good to show a Downy Woodpecker eating a grub when someone says they're hungry.

Lunch time can wait!

There's nothing like getting flipped off by a laughing red morph Eastern Screech Owl...jerk!

Another "aww" moment when we saw an Eastern Screech Owl owlet! We saw a total of 3 beebees this day!

The Eastern Screech Owl before his rudeness overtook him...

A possible partner was in the tree across Mr. Pottymouth.

At first I thought this was an Olive-sided Flycatcher, but no, it's an Eastern Wood-Pewee. Maybe next time...

Everyone likes the big birds! (Not the yellow one!) This Great Egret was showing off his lack of hunting skills...he kept trying...

As you may know, trying to point out a Semipalmated Sandpiper in the middle of a very large wetland area isn't always easy..." the middle...on the the left...more...more...more...he's gone."

Okay, here's a quiz...what's skinnier, my monopod or my legs? Times up...wise guys!

A Midland Painted Turtle close enough for all to see! Yea!

Oh my! Northern Water Sneks trying to make more Northern Water Sneks! Don't look!

Shooo...back to pretty warbly things! We were serenaded by a Palm Warbly!

Brian's favorite bird of the day was this Red-headed Woodpecker...a handsome bird I must say.

 The bird that confuses all new birders...the female Red-winged Blackbird...


A male Red-winged Blackbird looking for someone to poop on...

 Of course I had to get the owlet from behind! If I didn't who would?

Stayed tuned....there's more madness from Maumee coming up soon!!!!

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  1. Ohh, were those your legs or were you riding a chicken?

    Inquiring minds...