Monday, May 1, 2023

Back to life and Magee Marsh!

The empty boardwalk at Magee Marsh. In a week it will be packed with birders and birds! 
(Taken with a new fisheye lens!)
Sometimes life gets confusing and you have to take a break. I took six months without a camera and being lazy at home. Work has been crazy on and off, which has kept me occupied. Now I feel the urge to get back to nature and find some cool birds out there!
To help motivate me, and empty my piggy bank, I invested in a new Canon R5 mirrorless full frame camera and a Canon RF100-500 zoom. I picked a crazy time of year to learn new gear, butt what the bad could it be? The sharpness is amazing and it's light enough for me to use without a monopod. I'm still trying to work the manual focus override to get between all the branches where them warblies hide, butt I'll figure it a year or two!
This Bald Eagle looked a bit confused, just like me! Eagles abound in this area...what a manly scream he let out!
My first warbly of the year and it's a Black-and-white Warbly! A good sign for things to come!
A lovely little Black-capped Chickadee...
A Blanding's Turtle with his Midland Painted Turtle buddies...just chillin'.
A shiny Common Grackle, some folks dislike them, butt they're so cool to see!
  A Grackle gracking... 
A very shy Downy Woodpecker...never did show his face...
An Eastern Cottontail...just a hare out of focus!
A loner Midland Painted sad...
Guess this butterfly!!
  If you guessed Red admiral, you're better than me!

Sometimes I'm just not fast enough!
I blame it on a new camera...
(It's a Red-bellied Woodpecker by the way.)
I think female Red-winged Blackbirds are very attractive...and a little confusing at times!
"What's that big sparrow?!"
A tiny little bird on speed...a Ruby-crowned Kinglet...a perpetual motion machine! No, he's not angry with me, it's just a shadow...
A White-throated Sparrow skulking around the underbrush looking for yummy worms!

This pair of Wood Ducks seemed to be searching for the perfect nesting site...this wasn't it.
It's a Yellow-rumped Warbly from behind! The start of a new year for me!
Stay tooned for more birds and stuff!  

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