Saturday, June 27, 2015

Living Like a Waterthrush...

 A little Louisiana Waterthrush gathering nesting material...

 So, here's the story...unlike that Louisiana Waterthrush, we are not enjoying water that close to our nest. We've had very heavy rains lately and we now have the proper habitat for that bird in our basement. Since my office and computery thing are located in that area, it's time for us to go!

"Birds From Behind" will be off the air for a few weeks at least while we clean up and the area waterproofed...again.

One butt for the road...
So until we meet again...thanks for visiting and we'll see you out in the woods!

Monday, June 15, 2015

One Day I Will Learn How To Work A Camera...or not...remind me...

 *Reminder #1...stay away from the edge of closest focus...

* Reminder out for sticks and branches that are in the frame...or the one that just I walked into...nutz...ow! (He saw that coming!)

 *Reminder #3...hmmm...well one American Redstart came out okay...

 *Reminder #4...always remember the rain cover...especially when it rains. There will always be another soaking wet Baltimore Oriole. (Note to self...get a waterproof jacket...ACHOOO!!!)

 *Reminder #5...don't look up in the rain...even when there's a Black-billed Cuckoo in the tree. Lens hoods hold water...lots of water...

 *Reminder #6...listen to Black-throated Blue Warlbies when they say it's going to rain and it's time to hide.

 *Reminder #7...uh...I forget...(By the way, that's a first year Chestnut-sided Warbly, that I remembered.)

 *Reminder #8...when everyone says they are hearing a Connecticut Warbly, DON'T scream out "Here it is!" when it's just a female American Redstart...

 *Reminder #9...DON'T repeat #8 when it's a female Common Yellowthroat...duh.

 *Reminder photos of Great Crested Flycatchers from below because no one else will and where else are folks going to see this stuff?

 *Reminder a proper photo as well to show that you're not a complete moron...well almost...
 *Reminder an umbrella like this highly intelligent House Wren so you don't end up looking like a wet dog...not that there's anything wrong with dogs that are wet, but, being a human or something that resembles one, you shouldn't look like a soggy doggy.

 *Reminder this Muskrat...get to the point and don't ramble!

 *Reminder #14...put in a pretty picture of a Prothonotary Warbly to make them say "Oooo."

 *Reminder #16...don't forget reminder #15....Wood Ducks in trees look silly.

*Reminder #47...don't lose count and ALWAYS include at least one bird butt such as this terrible shot of a Wilson's Warbly. (Private thought...I wonder if he was named after Brian Wilson?)

*Reminder #120837...get some're getting punchy...

We'll be back after these messages...what?...oh...never mind...The Doodles says go to bed.

Good night for now! 
Stay tuned for our annual summer reading list...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Optics Fling!

 No, No, No! Not that kind of optics fling!
(*No optics were harmed in the filming of this blog.)
 THIS kind of Optics Fling!

This past weekend was the 3rd annual Optics Fling hosted by the wonderful Robert Hershberger and his Time & Optics store in Millersburg, Ohio. Robert's shop is located in beautiful Amish country and has the BEST selection of binoculars, scopes tripods and accessories you could hope to find. Along with the new and  lightly enjoyed optics he has a great selection of clocks and time pieces(and repairs too!)

Along with reps from all of the optics companies, there were bird outings to seldom visited areas for raptors, vultures, blue grosbeaks and a special visit to an old barn. Did I mention food? Robert is an amazing host and had the tastiest grilled sausages ever! You can see the smoke from the grill behind me above. I was having a hard time concentrating because my stomach was growling so loudly!

I will make sure to post early next year so you can put it on your schedule. Plan on the first weekend in June to make a trip to this lovely won't regret it!
 I forgot to mention the lovely Kimmay and the also lovely Kenn Kaufman led a few of the bird tours...and signed books.
Kenn even signed a new field guide for my brother Phil.
(They may deny knowing me, you never know!)
 Local boy, Greg Miller, of "The Big Year"movie and book was also on hand to guide and sign books.

 As usual, I made an error parking the Birdmobile.
Poor The Doodles...

 There are lots of quiet country roads to explore and listen for birds.
As you can see the traffic is pretty light!

 No smog from where you step!

 There, that's better...
Finally! A proper shot of an American Goldfinch!
 There were plenty of fledgling American Robins.

 This Baltimore Orioles had a few new mouths to feed.
 The Cedar Waxwings were competing for all of the fruit on the trees.

 And the cows didn't usual.
"Um, moo."

 The Doodles standing next to a different horse's ass for a change...
(Can I say that here?)

 Where's Waldo?
I don't know how The Doodles spotted it, but there's a Killdeer on its nest out there.

 I think this Llama may need a little dental work...

 Amish and English birders on the prowl for a Blue Grosbeak...
...which we didn't find.
But we sure found many other great birds and butterflies on this walk led by Kimm and Kenn.

No 500mm lens from Canon yet.

 Kenn pointed out this youngster Broad-winged Hawk soaring over our ever spinning heads.

 I found a Chipping Sparrow on the wire!
Hey guys! Lookit what I found! Guys?!
Never one listens to me.
I can't understand why...

 A lifer moth!(Most are lifers!)
It's a Common Spring Moth.
Not too common if you ask me.

 Someone managed to spot this nest that we think is from a Field Sparrow.
We could hear them calling close by.

 I chased this Grasshopper Sparrow back and forth around this thorny safe haven
He knows I wouldn't dare to get any closer!

 This is the typical view I have of most birds, ESPECIALLY Grasshopper Sparrows.

 A Great Spangled Fritillary being all spangly!

 Not a Blue Grosbeak hiding in the woods.
An Indigo Bunting...hiding in the woods.
They don't want to make it easy for me...

 Flowers don't fly away.
I will take their picture.
This is Bird's Foot Trefoil.
Almost a bird.'s a Little Wood Satyr.
It's so little!

 And then there's the loud and ever present Red-winged Blackbird.

 Even the Northern Mockingbirds mock me!

 I like butterflies like this Silver-spotted Skipper.
They aren't rude or loud.

This Turkey Vulture is in need of some serious grooming!
Or maybe he's a punk rock vulture and this is the cool new look...or not.

 Is this not a great view to have while birding?
The freshest air and the nicest folks.
 And yet another Killdeer on a nest, trying her best to hide.

And then into an old barn we went...

 That's The Doodles up on that rickety ladder.
It's not snowing in there, that's all the dust from the hay floating in the...achoooo...air.

 Yoiks! My turn and I DON'T LIKE HEIGHTS!
I think those two were jiggling the ladder!
What are we spying in there?

 A whole nest box packed with little nestling Barn Owls!
*Special thanks go to Kimmay Kaufman for taking this pic with my camera because I was too chicken to let go of the ladder to do it myself.

 That's all for now!
It's time for me to hop on out of here...

Until next time with a 
See ya!