Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hoooo's There?!

 If you look very closely...WHO'S in there?

Oh kids, we're gong waaayyy back in the way back machine today! Back to May 9th to be precise. Like I said, I'm way behind! In addition to visiting my favorite little marsh on this day, I went to Maumee State Park to see some friends at the Biggest Week event! While there, how could I resist an evening stroll along their boardwalk and through the woods? Correct! I could not resist...other wise there wouldn't be any photos here, would there? Silly kids...

It was a dreary evening, chilly, breezy and very cloudy, butt that never stopped me before(actually it has a few times, but not any longer!) The high point was walking past the owl box on the tree because nothing was visible. I then passed a couple that asked what had I seen so far and did I see the owlet in the box. WHAT? OWLET? WHERE?...said I. We walked back to the box I passed and with squinty eyes I could see some squinty eyes looking back! Well I'll be! I could faintly make out an adult Eastern Screech Owl in the back and the fuzzy head of the owlet in the front.

I don't carry a flash during migration time as to not annoy or scare off any possible nesting birds. I decided(and you can yell at me!) to try the built in feeble-flash on the camera to see if it would give me a little more view as to what's inside that box. Yep, there they are! I can see the sleepy adult more clearly and the owlet giving me the evil eye for disturbing him. I got a shot and I was satisfied to leave them in peace. Whoooo's my buddy?!

 Uh, I don't think the owls are living here any longer...
Lot's of honey bees though!

 Since I'm on a holey roll here...
this Black-capped Chickadee was busy excavating this tree trunk for it's new home.

 Name this bird without looking down to the next photo!
It's a Birds From Behind pop quiz!

 It's one of them crazy "Common" Yellowthroats!
Yep, commonly heard, butt seldomly seen!
(Is "seldomly" a word?)
 Not too many warlbies around, butt I did manage to find this singing Northern Cardinal.
They don't normally like to hold still for me.
I thanked her very nicely.

 Mr. Martin said she's quite shy with photographers.
"It's hard being purple ya know."

 No, this Red-winged Blackbird wasn't shy.
Are they ever?
He was splish-splashing in the marsh along the boardwalk, then took a sniff.
Maybe one more dunk in the pool...
He was VERY late for his Saturday night bath...

 Shaking off the pond water...I don't know if that was any better...

 That's a late evening snack...not a cheap cigar...

 This Veery eyed something down in that log...
A little tasty grub perhaps"

 I usually pass by the white-tailed deer without much notice.
I thought I should take one shot just for the heck of it.
No feathers...not a Killdeer...

 Now, a White-throated Sparrow on the other hand!
I will gladly take a shot of one of those as it may bee the last one until late fall around here!

Well, that was my short walk around Maumee. Thanks for walking with me...if you're still here...I can't see you...or can I...MWAHAHA!!!

Stay tuned!
Next week...MAGEE MARSH...and warblies!!
Wait a second, that's not a warbly!
 Oh well, stop back next week and we'll figure this thing out...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Catching up...sort of...

The Song Sparrow says " Hello!"
(Not really...they can't speak...that' why his beak is shut, duh.)

 Enough with the silliness! It's getting late and I'm getting a little punchy, so beware!

As I've said, I'm REALLY behind(ha) in posting my ever so delightful(?) birding adventures, soooo, this post covers 2 trips to Sandy Ridge Reservation in Lorain's Metropark system. I was there twice during the International Migratory Bird Day weekend. They were crazy enough to ask me out to set up a display of warbler photos, so what the heck! I get sick of hoarding these photos in my office and not sharing. (Subtle hint to anyone in my shows are FREE!!! Contact me!)

One could not be a proper bird nerd at this park without escaping the confines of the center to wander the woods and migrate out to the marsh! And that's eggxactly what I did...

 This place is just STUFFED with birds!

 You'll never guess what I spotted in the marsh?
Well? C'mon and guess what I spotted...

 Fine. I spotted a Spotted Sandpiper.
Sorry, it's late...
He's not laughing either.

 Tree Swallows never laugh.
A very serious bunch of bug eaters.

 This Veery was thinking
 "If I hide behind this branch long enough, he'll go away."
You can only hope...

 Uh, I'll never understand the silly games that White-crowned Sparrows play...
Leap frog?
Laurel and Hardy?

 I don't remember being stumped by a warbly before, but this one has got me!
Any ideas?

 I do not like being stalked by a Common Grackle.
Very evil little buggers...

 Somewhere in that tangle is a Baltimore Oriole making a new nest.

 Ah, the dulcet tones of a Sandhill Crane...
Well, maybe not...

 Did I ever mention how much I love Song Sparrows?
Pretty song.
Attractive streaky feathering.
Oh, and they like to sit still for me...

 This guy was singing the Sex Pistols version of his song.
Punk is coming back among the younger songsters.
I read it online so it must be true.
(Online here by the way...)

 He's doing the Vic Damone version...

 Nice dye job dude!
Punky Prothonotary Warbly.
It's catching on out there...

 I think he found a new home.
Hopefully the hair-do will make him the chick magnet of the woods...

 Stylin' yo.

 This is not a bird even though it has wings.
(...killing time until I can remember what it is...)
OH! A Pearl Crescent butterfly!
Yea brain!

 Why looky there!
It's an Orchard Oriole!
Lesson #329011: Don't aim your big lens into the sun to see a noon.

 Yep, that's a birdy flying in to ruin my shot....not to mention the grass that I couldn't see right in front of me.

 Oops, lost track of what I was doing again.
I'm thinking real hard.
Least Sandpipers.
Yep, that's what I think.
Not Semipalmated.
Nope, legs are too light.
Back is too dark.
I'm going with Least and it's my blog.
(And I'm allowed to be wrong.)

 Posting a butt shot is the least that I can do!

 Yeah, I don't think those things are going to carry you far...
Good effort though.

 The family that bathes together, stays together...

 Ain't them lil Mallards so cute?

 Speaking of cute...this ain't.
The bad side of a Great Blue Heron.
Sorry buddy.

 Have I ever mentioned how much I get annoyed by obnoxious Eastern Meadowlarks?
"Hey, Loop's got a bigger lens, let's get even farther away!"

 A very polite Eastern Kingbird.
Much nicer than that other eastern bird...

 In the ladies corner of the trail I saw this Eastern Bluebird feeling kinda blue...

 Probably because the female Brown-headed Cowbird was right above her waiting to dump her spoiled kids into the nest.

 There's always something exciting to see at Sandy Ridge!
We had TWO Black Terns zipping around for about half an hour.
Then, poof, they were gone.
So, for you folks that didn't believe me when I posted it on the listserve, here ya go.

 Sorry, I lost my patience for a second.
American Goldfinches always have a calming effect.
They're the next best thing to a warbly.

Another one of those fluttery-by thingies!
It's an American Painted Lady.
(And I always thought a "painted lady" was someone naughty.)

 I hope this fledgling American Robin moves to a drier area soon!

 Speaking of Robins...what's up with the wacky dye jobs out here?

 A fuzzy shot of a Bald Eagle carrying more nesty stuff to his nest.
I'm too old to hold that camera/lens/monopod combo up in the air to get flying birds...

 There we go...Black Racers are low and don't move much.
Easy for guys like me!

 Speaking of on the move. It's been non-stop so far.
I went hiking through Chautauqua Gorge with friends.
After camping at the Brushwood Folklore Center I drove to Jamestown to visit the 
Roger Tory Peterson Institute...sort of Mecca for bird nerds!
I arrived before their opening so I hiked the trails surrounding the property and was surprised by a coyote in front of me! Unfortunately , I didn't have my camera with me.
A great way to spend a weekend at one with nature!

 Well, I gotta run!
Thanks for hanging around with me...see ya next week!