Sunday, September 17, 2017

Uh...Where Am I and What Day Is It?...

 This is a photo of my thoughts on an average day...

 So...more pics from a few weeks ago...or maybe Tallmadge Meadows. Great birds, a nice long walk, and even good folks to talk with, what could be better? One day we'll be up to the current date, butt I doubt it. What fun would that be?

In other news, due to my gracefulness, inattention and vertigo...I learned that a Canon 7D MkII, 1.4x converter and 500mm lens do not bounce when dropped from a very tall tripod onto cement. The noise was not good...the noise that came out of my mouth that is. I've since apologized to my neighbors. The camera has been serviced, and amazingly quickly, and works fine. The converter is still away being serviced by the slowest warranty company available. I'm still working with the lens as is. It seems to focus well, at a far distance not so much. It too will go away soon and I will be sad until I get to hold it again. Yes, I'm weird. 500 is my only friend. We're very close.

I'm getting too emotional right now...on with the show...(boo-hoo....)

 Lots of American Goldfinches greeting me straight away!
Just getting out of the car, and there's plenty to see!

 Yep, that's an American Goldfinch playing peek-a-boo while building a nest.

 I was hoping to get a few shots of this Baltimore Oriole...butt...

 "We'll have no photos today!"

 "Annoying paparazzi!"

 And poof...gone.
Next year...

 The insects were more obliging.
This Bumbly Bee stopped for a second to check things out...

 Deciding I was safe, he landed and called his friends for a Bee Balm Banquet.

 Peeking through the wildness, I spied a Chipping Sparrow.
Seconds later it disappeared...

 Just below this Common Yellowthroat, with a beak full of bugs, is a whining kid screaming for dinner.

 I do believe this is the female Common Yellowthroat.

 Aren't you glad you don't have to scratch your neck with your beak?

 Oops! I got caught laughing at him...

 Like so many birds today, this Downy Woodpecker was trying to hide from me.
I used deodorant!

 Name that bird!
I think it may have been a Willow Flycatcher...or not...

 My day of birding wouldn't be complete without at least one Song Sparrow!

 Quite close to the Common Yellowthroat nest was this young Gray Catbird...also screaming for food.

 I was getting a severe scolding for being too close to the kids.
I respected their space and left.

 The fields were full of wildflowers and nectar loving insects like this Hummingbird Clearwing moth.

I saw more of these gorgeous moths this year than ever before.

 On the other hand, the butterflies have been sparse.
I saw a few of these Eastern Tiger Swallowtails today.

 Some like to eat upside down.
I tried that when I got home.
I'll never try it again...

 Even Song Sparrows like to stop and smell the flowers.

 What a beautiful voice!

 Junior is listening to dad sing with rapt attention.
Next year it will be his turn.

 Song Sparrows always get my attention too!

 This is one of the few Monarchs I've seen.
People really need to stop using so many chemicals in their gardens.
They kill more than pests!

 This was the only Spicebush Swallowtail I saw in the meadows.
I did see a few skippers, too small and distant for photos, and lots of Cabbage Whites which aren't native.

 I think I was standing still too long looking for butterflies.
This Turkey Vulture started circling me....with a smile on his face...

We're all behind sometimes!

I'll post a few newer photos this week and we'll see what shape the lens is in...crossed fingers!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Last Month at Munroe...

 A rude little American Goldfinch giving me the razzberries...back atcha bub!

 Yep, yep, yep...really behind...waaaayyyyy behind...oh well. This was from mid July at the lovely Munroe Falls/Tallmadge Meadows Park. And it's only two of the three days in a row I went out there to try to get a better shot of the Yellow-breasted Chat, former warbly thing and still hiding from my camera. They're kind of the feathered version of the "Wack-a-Mole" game...up for a second and back down as soon as you point at them and almost focus. He's up there with that stinking otter...furry jerks...

At least I have lots of photos to look at...and to eventually torment you with...not to mention my slightly deranged commentary. One day I'll get therapy...and I'll probably make the doc go off the deep end too. Wheeeee! Burdzburdzburdzburdz!

 I'm used to looking up for Cedar Waxwings...this guy was creeping along in the weeds and wildflowers.

 I was also playing peek-a-boo with this Common Yellowthroat.
I believe he has a nest just below camera view. I saw him pop down there with a bug, then a little rustling in the weeds, then he was up and out and back shortly with more goodies for junior.

 This is a Cooper's Hawk looking for dinner.

 This is a Cooper's Hawk dinner.
Some people call them Mourning Doves...mourning for each other...
 Oh those wacky flycatchers!
I'm sticking with Eastern Wood-Pewee on this one.
I gave up on last weeks pics...

 This is a Groundhog trying to find his shadow.
I didn't have the heart to tell him that he won't see it until February.
Maybe he was just practicing...

 I knew where two sets of Indigo Buntings had nests this year.
I was lucky enough to catch this young one sitting out in the open waiting for dad...and food.

 Indigo Buntings are quite handsome birds...almost up there with warblies in my book!
 Here's a happy lil buddy with what looks like grasshopper filet.

 And of course the Song Sparrows were still singing!

 One day I will leave the NOTTER out of a post...nah...

 This is a Red-bellied Woodpecker pretending to be part of the tree.
Needs a little more practice...

 This is a juvenile Common Yellowthroat (thanks to Brian Tinker! )...a lucky find for me!
I never did see an adult...

 The way he was begging, there must have been one near by.

 ...and the Song Sparrows are STILL singing...
 If you ever wondered why your cell phone reception goes on and off...wonder no more.
A popular game with Turkey Vultures is  spreading their wings to block your signal.
Another true fact you won't find anywhere else!
(I'll bet I could get a job in the White House!)

 I took a photo of this teasel(maybe a teasel?) just because I thought it was pretty....

 THen when I looked at it on the computer I noticed the fly and the caterpillar...and...

 ...Mrs. Spider and web he wove waiting patiently for dinner to be delivered...
It always amazes me what I find when I look even closer.

 More pretty wildflowers, thistle of some bugs...

 Another wildflower...I discovered amongst all of my field guides a Peterson guide to wildflowers...from 1968...I think I need a newer one with photos to assist my simple mind...
Maybe Spotted Cowbane...maybe not...let me know if you know then we'll all know...uh...

 I think I need a last bird butt and I'm out!

Have fun out there and don't forget to take a closer look...and when you arrive home tell your politicians to leave the parks for the people and the wildlife!