Sunday, May 12, 2019

Just a Couple of Burdz...or so...

 Ohhhh....that bug is doomed!

Hello again. Guess where I was? No...(or yes, depending on your answer!) Magee Marsh for the Biggest Week in American Birding...and it was the tenth anniversary too! My first visit to Magee was in 2004 for what was then known as International Migratory Bird Day, now World Bird Day. I think there were just a few hundred folks on the boardwalk back there are thousands! Birders come from every state in the US and from every continent(really!) to see the warblies and other birds that migrate through this amazing area.

I'm lucky to live just a couple hours away and I love to visit every weekend...and more in May...and the rest of the year too! In addition to all of the wonderful birds, I get to see friends I only see this time of year...the folks from Wildside Tours, especially the best guide of Ecuador Edison, Sabrewing Tours, Black Swamp Bird Observatory , Time and Optics and Aviantica (cool tee's Thanks!) among others...AND all my bird buddies.

So...onward and upward...or something...

 As you can see that Black-and-white Warbly got him a bug!

 Yes, that's a real tattoo of a Black-and-white Warbly on my skinny arm!
It is my favorite bird after all!

 Contemplating his next meal...

 Butt Shot!

You can't get them all.
That Black-throated Blue Warbly was mighty quick!

He sat still long enough for me to get one shot...AND from the right angle!

 While we're talking of warblies with black throats, how about a Black-throated Green Warbly?

 A rare Blandings Turtle catching a few rays with a Midland Painted Turtle photo bombing in the back...

 Luckily there was a crowd staring at this tree, half of which were saying "Where? I don't see it!"
Once you see this Eastern Screech Owl you're amazed at their camouflage.

 One of my other favorite birds is the Gray Catbird...of which there were many!

 Tucked away all cozy in it's nest is this Great Horned Owlet.

 Hermit Thrushes are messy eaters.

 Magnolia Warblies are my second favorite warbly...and one of the easiest to spot from behind.
Yep, on the other arm...

 At long last I got a good photo of a Northern Waterthrush!

 I asked him to turn around so I could add a butt shot and this was the look I got!
 This is how you see Ovenbirds...down low underneath the back...

 I like Palm Warblies cause they sit still for me.

 A Red-breasted Nuthatch showing off his stream liner bug attack pose.

 A Ruby-crowned Kinglet pretending to be innocent.

 A sight for Sora eyes!
Ha! Bird jokes are the best...

 This Spotted Sandpiper was yelling at me.
I can't imagine why anyone would yell at me.
(Please leave a comment to explain.)

 Defying gravity.

 The Tree Swallows were all busy getting nesting material prepping for the baby season!

 A staring contest between me and a White-throated Sparrow...he won.

 How much woodland can a Wood Thrush thrash?

 He laughed at that one!
(Who put that stick there?!)

 The warblies were hard to get this year, butt I got a few including this Yellow-RUMPED!

 I shall leave you for now with this White-throated Sparrow from behind...

Until we meet again!...

Sunday, May 5, 2019


I was at Magee Marsh today(go figure?) and I was told by a friend there was a yellow-headed blackbird at Howard Marsh just a few miles away. Of course he said "It's right near the road, easy!" No, sorry...that evil spawn of Satan bird has been hiding from me for years! There is no way it will be anywhere near the road by the time I get there. He'll fly back to Wyoming or Minnesota or anywhere away from me.

Nope, there he was right by the road in full view. I even had time to park my birdmobile and saunter to the field where my new best friend was chowing down on buggies. A good day indeed!

See ya soon!
If you're at Magee or Maumee Bay next weekend, look for me or my lil white Fiat Abarth and say hello! I have free postcards with me!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

I'm Back...Did You Miss Me?!

 (as a co-worker often says..."Like a stick in the eye!")
Bald Eagles are nesting once again at Magee. Two nests are visible from the parking lot.

Hello again kiddies! Time to get the blog back in gear. I have a few older shots to share from Howard Marsh and Cuyahoga Valley as well...maybe we'll get to them after the Magee insanity!

Last Sunday was the first time in a while I made it out to Magee Marsh, just in time for the return of the warblies. Friday was the beginning of The Biggest Week in American Birding...and the 10th anniversary too! I'll be out there every weekend through the month of May to see our little feathered friends...and my hooman friends as well!

In the mean time, here's a little preview of what I saw last Sunday at Magee and a couple from Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

 Blue Gray Gnatcatchers were busy catching...uh...gnats I suppose...

 The invisible bird!

 There were dozens of Brown Creepers creeping around.
Their camouflage is amazing.  


    A nice male Downy Woodpecker pecking wood...cause that's how they got their name.

It me the longest time to see this Eastern Screech Owl.
"No, no...not THAT second tree...the OTHER second tree!"

This is my usual photo of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet...always on the move.

 I asked politely if he would hold still for a second...and he did!
Look at them lil yellow feets!

First warbly of the season!
Appropriately enough, it's a Yellow-rumped Warbly.
Or as the cool kids say..."Myrtle..."
I'm not a cool kid.

Butter butt!
 A Common Loon just chillin' out at the pond in front of Ottawa NWR's visitors center.


 He's happy and he's flappy!

So long for now from me and this cute lil Pied-billed Grebe!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dreaming of May!...

Wandering through my photo files I've discovered a few that I never went through. Oops. This latest assortment of happy burdz is from this past May during the Biggest Week festivities at Magee Marsh, the happiest burd place on earth!

 An American Woodcock in action hunting for worms...

 ...and rudely picking at his nether regions...

 There's always a Bald Eagle in the area, though I prefer the wee little burdies!

 I'm still struggling to get a good shot of a Bay-breasted Warbly.
They always seem to be over me and hidden behind foliage.
At least I got this shot in focus...mostly...

 These Black-throated Blue Warblies always create a stir when they appear.

 My only shot of a Blackburnian Warbly and his beautiful throat is hidden.
Next time...maybe...

 A Cape May Warbly on the prowl for some juicy bugs...yum.

 This Chestnut-sided Warbly posed so nicely for me.
They always seem to be cooperative.

 The Gray Catburb says meow.

Ovenbirds are another of those warblies that don't like their photos taken...always skulking about in the leaves on the ground.

I managed to find a break in the foliage to get a lovely butt shot of this Ovenbird.
Ha! Gotcha lil buddy!

See ya next time, thanks for visiting!