Friday, March 27, 2009

Dux DeLux, part one...

A Hooded Merganser in a casual mood. I like that slicked back, I got a hot date look.

An American Wigeon, somewhere near San Diego, California while we were at the San Diego Bird Fest.

American Wigeon female, also somewhere near San Diego, the memory is...a..a....I forget...

This Gadwall was at Titchwell Marsh in England. It seems I don't have any local dux!

After the BSBO weekend I recently spoke of, I started going through my photos to see what I needed to round out my personal 'field guide'. Quite a few as it turns out. But I do indeed have a nice selection of good duckies to look at!

A Blue-winged Teal, boy, California was a great place to see dux close up!

Maybe I should have titled this "Dux of San Diego"! Guess where this Cinnamon Teal was, oh wait, I already told you...

Green-winged Teal, guess where...

Quite often they are very far off in the distance and difficult to get good shots of. Every once in awhile I get lucky and can sneak up on one. Other times I cheat and get a close up of a captive or rehab duck. Either way, I don't mind. I just like having nice photos to look at.

At last, a local photo! This Canvasback is on the near frozen Lake Erie...and far away. Now maybe you can see why I don't have more local Dux. I hate being out there in January, too cold and windy!

This weekend we are going to an event I mentioned in a previous post called the Shreve Migration Sensation. Good seminars and field trips await! Though the weather will be a little iffy I fear. We can always spend time with the vendors or find a good Amish restaurant in the area.
We saw this American Black Duck with a transmitter at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

These Black-bellied Whistling Dux were seen in Panama.
In the next installment of Dux DeLux...Mallards and More!

In the mean time, enjoy my Dux DeLux!!

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