Thursday, March 12, 2009


A Peregrine Falcon trying to stare down a train in the Flats area of Cleveland.

Not the Jurassic Park kind, obviously, though they may have been feathered also. I thought since the other 'meat eaters' (sorry Laurie and any vegetarians!) are starting to migrate through, I would post some of my favorite photos. Most are from the proper side also! Maybe next post I'll go back to my traditional butt shots.

This is a Red-tailed Hawk saved by the Medina Raptor Center after it flew into a train. It's not a true albino, though it sure looks like it.

I jump back and forth as to which birds are my favorites. Hummingbirds are definitely number one. Raptors and Warblers are tied for least until International Migratory Bird Day comes up in May! Then the warblers will take over my focus (pun intended!) when we visit Crane Creek and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory , the finest sight for viewing the spring migration in Ohio...or the Midwest in my opinion.

This American Kestrel is trying out the 'Bald Eagle' pose. He's workin' it!

This is Bob, our Cooper's Hawk, staring into our dining room window. He's about ten feet away, wondering about dinner!

Here's a Red-shouldered Hawk at a local park, Sandy Ridge Reservation. I was going to use a photo of the proper side, and thought, nah.

This is what happens when a Red-tailed Hawk gets caught in the rain. He was not a happy bird.

This is a Red-tailed Hawk in a better mood. This is one of my favorite photos, I love his eye.

This weekend, no work/all play, at least one day anyway, for birding. Hopefully I'll have a few new pics to post of raptors, migrating ducks and who knows what else from our area.


  1. These are shamelessly good photos, Dave!
    The wet Red-tailed Hawk is my favorite here. And I bet I could see your reflection in the eye of the other Red-tailed Hawk!
    Really amazing!

  2. ...fantastic hawk photos...the last photo is incredible. He has milk-chocolate colored eyes. That's just cool.