Friday, April 3, 2009

Dux Delux, part two...

Please look in the background. Yep, that's a real Bull Frog. I didn't notice it back there until I processed the photos!

So, where was I?

Oh yeah, DUCKS! Them water lovin', quackity things. You know, those feathered flyer's that like to float far out of range of your camera, no matter what size lens you have. Every once in awhile you get lucky and one isn't paying attention to you because he's trying to look good for the babes...or vice versa and you can get a shot off.

I don't always have the best of luck photographing floaty birds, especially Gulls. Light gray, dark gray, medium gray, always against a gray sky and choppy gray water. Our friends, Judy and Hugh, were recently in California at an art supply store. They had a color called "Cleveland Gray," that pretty much explains Cleveland in the winter. That must be why I don't care for shooting Gulls along the lakefront, "G.O.S", gray overload syndrome. BUT, I digress...

Gotta love them dux. The boys get all duded up with fancy feathers to impress the ladies, who don't always seem to care. Then you have the cute little ducklings. precious.

Well, enough jibber jabber, here's some of my favorites for you!

What did I say about water and ducks? I still find it odd to see a Wood Duck in a tree. This one was in San Diego at Lindo Lakes.

And here's Mr. Fancypants. The Wood Ducks at North Chagrin Reservation are not at all shy.

A Tufted Duck in the rain in Bakewell, England. He didn't mind as much as I did...the rain that is.

My, aren't we the shy one. This female Ruddy Duck was trying to hide from me.

You gotta like these little guys! Ruddy's are so compact and efficient. These Ruddy's were in the Chula Vista Nature Center. I think they are in need of a good cuddle.

A cooperative pair of Ring-necked Ducks at Santee Lake, California.

Northern Shovelers are very easy to find in our area of Ohio. That's why this one was taken in England.

We also find these Northern Pintails on Lake Erie...far out there! Again, that's why this photo was taken along the San Diego River.

When we first saw these Mottled Ducks, we thought they were just a group of Mallards. Silly me. These were in Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

Now THIS is a Mallard! You can tell by the cute curly butt feather (that's the technical term). And I actually took this photo just down the road from our humble abode.

Aren't they a precious group? Mallards are very abundant around here, to put it mildly! These are in the Rocky River Reservation.

Now these are DUX DELUX! We found these Mandarin Ducks at the Cleveland Zoo. I know, I cheated...

By the way, is everyone aware of the Federal Duck Stamp Program? You should buy one when you get the chance. They help support conservation and the purchase of wetland habitat.

Birders really need to band (pun intended) together and do more to support our friends!


  1. ...awesome duck photos, but the frog popping up for a cameo takes the cake and made me laugh!

  2. Loved the ruddy duck're right, they do look like they need a cuddle! Thanks for the morning chuckle

  3. Hi Dave,
    Wow an amazingly diversified set of pictures!! And of really good quality Congrats!!

  4. Amazing,great images also outstanding frog.

  5. I love dux! They always look good and I find them extremely photogenic. I even like Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge :D
    Well... this is a post I will quote in my blog in my 'be sure not to miss' minute.
    Of all the beauties here only the Mallards can be seen in Australia, and of course, they are an introduced species, not very welcome as they interbreed with the local Pacific Blacks.
    Fantastic post, Dave! And some brilliant photos!