Friday, April 10, 2009

How much wood...

My favorite, Red-headed Woodpecker. While this was shot at Sandy Ridge, we do get them at our feeders!

So, how much wood would a Woodpecker peck, if a Woodpecker could peck wood?
Well, he'd peck as much wood as a Woodpecker could, if a Woodpecker could peck wood.

So there...
Here's a few Woodpeckers doin' their thing!

This Acorn Woodpecker was found during the San Diego Bird San Diego.

This Hairy Woodpecker was at a Judy and Hugh's home in Richfield, Ohio. They have over THIRTY feeders in their yard and gardens. Yoiks.

Just like me, this Lewis's Woodpecker is living dangerously. Well, not really.

You knew I was going to throw in a token butt shot! This is a Northern Flicker, see the yellow?

Another San Diego bird. Nuttall's Woodpecker.

Pileated Woodpeckers nest in our area, but I have yet to get a good shot. This was found in Corkscrew Swamp, Florida.

This Red-bellied Woodpecker was in Rocky River Reservation, an IBA and close to our home. This is another woodpecker that we commonly see at our feeders all year long.

We found this Red-naped Sapsucker on a visit to Rancho La Puerta, Mexico during the San Diego Bird Fest.

Another one of my "hard to get a good shot" birds. This Yellow-naped Sapsucker was a little closer to home at the Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland. This is a great place to bird, very quiet...

This is what happens when my brain goes idle at work...sorry...


  1. all your woodpecker shots! I've never seen a Red-headed Woodpecker, although I heard recently they have been seen on the outskirts of Spring Valley Nature Area. Maybe I'll get lucky there!

  2. Brilliant images Dave,love your Blog.
    Keep it coming.

  3. Beautiful shot of the Red Headed woodpecker -almost looks like a wood carving -and you've caught the clown face (well, I think its clownish) of the Acorn WDPKR - great photos..thanks!

  4. Kelly, you will have to visit northwestern Ohio!

    JR and Sue, One day, I will visit the U.K. again and maybe bump into you birding!

    Susan, definately a clown face, definately!