Monday, April 27, 2009

Outdoors at the Nature Fest

We saw a group of 6 or so Hermit Thrushes working their way through the forest.

Somehow, during all the excitement, Laurie-doodle and I managed to get out and have a couple of walks in the woods. What a glorious weekend we had weather wise! As I said before, spring has sprung! Sunshine and warmth were all that we needed to get the bird fever going again.

While I really enjoyed meeting new folks and spreading the "Gospel according to Burdz," getting outside for a little bit and seeing the newly arrived warblers re-awakened my sense of wonder. How can you not be in awe of these tiny feathered creatures and the journeys they make, not once, but twice a year! We sometimes grumble about hiking a couple of miles with our optics to look at our friends. Imagine hundreds or thousands of miles, sometimes over water or mountains, without a break for a drink or a snack. I don't think we'd be up to the challenge.

So, as you view these photos, think of what they went through so we could see them for just a fleeting moment...
I keep trying to get a shot of a Red-red, Robin, bob-bob-bobbin along. I'm getting closer!
Oh, sure. You think these little Black-capped Chickadees are all cute and innocent, well, well, yeah, I guess they are. This one is wearing a little of the new bling courtesy of Tom Bartlett.

A Black-throated Blue Warbler acting polite in Tom's hand.

There were dozens of these Palm Warblers to be found during the festival!

I spied this male Red-bellied Woodpecker through the window behind my display. He seems to be checking out one of the new bracelets Tom passed out Sunday morning.

One of MANY Canada Geese in the ponds near the Rocky River Nature Center.

I wish you could see into that little ripple above the Green Heron. There was a Snapping Turtle U-Boat slowly swimming towards the Heron.

Not so Solitary Sandpipers. There's actually one more off to the right getting yelled at by the bossy one on the left. That's probably why they prefer to be Solitary...

I think I have "Warbler Neck" already. This Yellow-rumped Warbler was waaaayyyy up there! I used a 300mm lens with a 1.4X converter and STILL cropped the heck out of that shot. Hey, Canon! I'm still waiting for that 800mm lens!!

So, I was thinkin' (oh no, you're saying!) about a new blog..."Tree Fungus From Behind"...


  1. I love that Black-throated Blue...what a sweet expression he has! I had warbler neck today also. I wish I could invent some sort of portable head brace for warbler viewing!

  2. My first visit to your blog. You had visited mine. The Hamlet of Gordon. I like your bird shots. I am better at taking bird pictures than I am at houses. You missed my birds blog. There are some local birds on it that might be of interest to you and the location is at

    Thanks again for visiting. I linked your blog to my "follow" list so i can get back here.

  3. Excellent photographs Dave. I especially love the owls further down. That little one is just the cutest. :)

  4. Hi Dave,
    That's a post full of wonderful pictures. I love this green heron shot as well as the two small birds portrait. Wonderful job!

  5. great shots...and I look forward to all those little guys arriving here soon!

  6. Lovely selection! The profiles are awesome!

    *I Donated to Cornell Ornithology!*

  7. Thanks Will!
    Everyone needs to get involved more with helping kids that are interested in nature...ooohh...more blog material!