Monday, May 25, 2009

Yes, it's the BirdMobile at last...

This place IS for the birds! Or at least the bird brained...

This is it. Our weekend escape from reality, our respite from the workaday world, our happy little hide away.

Laurie, aka 'Doodles', aka 'Business Manager', aka 'Agent Doodles', aka 'Nuthatch', aka 'I'm gonna kill you!'...

We call it the BirdMobile or BM1 for short...(make your own jokes here.) Birders are slowly taking over this park! Our friends, Judy and Hugh (aka "Hudy") started it with this mobile home. They moved to a larger abode three lots down and we then took over the 'Cottage' as they called it.
By the way, Black Swamp plug, Hugh is the business manager there.

Our neighbors recently sold their vacation getaway. It's now owned by the folks of Tropical Birding, an outstanding world birding tour company. I said that so they don't sneak over at night and tip us over. They are a really nice group of people though!
It's like being on vacation every weekend. Waking up to the sounds of frogs croaking, the many insect sounds and the singing birds over the marsh...oh yeah, the #@#$&! House Sparrows building nests in our gutters...over the bedroom. They are SOOO lucky I like birds and don't own a pellet gun!
I just thought you'd like to see where we go to stare at birds...

The real reason for the BirdMobile...I needed somewhere to hang all of my photos! The living room is the 'Warbler' room.

Fine outdoor dining. Meaty burgers for me, Veggie burgers for the Doodles.

Watch your step, little crazy fledgling Killdeer on the run! Killdeer do not understand the concept of straight lines!

Sunset over the marsh. What a view from our little swing!

Another sunset view. That's a Black-crowned Night-Heron flying past the setting sun on his way to roost in the trees across from the BirdMobile.

Stay Tuned for...

The Further Adventures of Loopy and the Doodles in:
"The Search for the Yellow-headed Blackbird!"


  1. Ha! What a great your BirdMobile!

  2. Hi Dave,
    This is exactly what you need to refill the battery!! Wonderful birdmobile place!!! Enjoy it!

  3. This is fantastic, Dave! Very, very cool :)

  4. Gosh that looks pretty nice inside. I think we need to scale down but I hate to give up the land around the back of my house. Worked so long on it and still working. Birds love it. I thought about that the other day. How long would it take me to start all over somewhere else? Probably longer than I got at my age. LOL