Monday, July 6, 2009

Best Blog Friends

Well, I'm sure you noticed my little Owl buddy off to the side by now. He was a gift from my good blog buddy, Nickolay Tilchef. He's given me a few pointers since I started this blog fetish as well as great comments which make me post more. You really need to check out his blog if you haven't already. You will be amazed at the birds he has captured near his home in Tasmania, and more recently, Australia.
An important part of this gift is the passing on of this friendship among bloggers and the joy that we share together in our posts. At first I felt blogging was a little bit selfish, showing my photos and blathering on about whatever was on my mind. But, as I got more involved and got a few followers and started to follow other blogs, I discovered this is so much more. This is a way to connect with far away people and to learn AND be taught about our shared love of nature and the creatures on this planet.
So, the folks I'm gonna pass this on to...Chris from Iceland, a fantastic photographer and a slightly crazy person that loves to lay down in ice water to get a great shot. His posts are in English and French and I have a hard enough time with English!
Next is Kelly Riccetti of Red and the Peanut. A fellow Ohioan and another great photographer of birds and wildlife. There's a reason she has so many followers! Great writing and always uplifting...and she always has a nice comment for me, thanks! Next spring she'll be up to Magee Marsh for the May'hem of migration!
Matt Latham's Wildlife and Nature Photography will knock your socks off with the clarity of his photos. He is one of those guys that just picks up a camera and magic happens! I am lost for words when I see his photos. I'm honored that he visits my blog. Maybe when if I visit the U.K. again, he can give me a few pointers.
And last...for my real friend, Jim McCormac, though if you meet him, he may deny knowing me. Jim works for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources among other things. He also got the ball rolling on the Ohio Ornithological Society and made me and other Ohioans more aware of our fragile habitats. His blog will teach you so much about birds, bugs and botany that your head will spin. Go on a hike with him if you ever have the opportunity, just request that he refrains from speaking in Latin...Oh yeah, he even likes my photos, even if they are from the wrong side!
These are my Best Blog Friends, I'm sure I'll name a few more soon. In the meantime, Chris, Kelly, Matt and Jim, post the logo if you like and definitely pass it on to your best blog buddies!


  1. Congratulations, Dave!! Your posts always make me laugh, and your photos are fabulous, and what a surprise to find my name in your list. Thank you so much!! It's just too cool. I will be at Magee Marsh next spring. Rick has been told to prepare! I'm also shooting for the Midwest Birding Symposium this Sept. Thank you again for passing on the Best Blog Friend award!

  2. Hi Dave,
    Wow congrats on your award, you deserved it. Like Kelly, I love your blog with its specific touch of humor around your birds pictures! it also made me laugh quite often to tears ;-)
    I'm also impressed you passed me this award, and kind of laugh too when reading your description of my birding style ;-) Don't worry too much, the water is not that icy around there, just 0 to -3°C ;-)
    Thanks a million again to pass me this award!!

  3. Dave,
    Do not worry about the word crazy, I understood it in the correct way.. I know this was a nice way to describe me, on a kindest way ;-) And I loved it...