Monday, July 20, 2009

Got Stamps?

Here's our new Duck Stamps! We didn't like the silly faces we had, so I made them go away. It was for your protection, believe me...

The 2009-2010 Federal Duck Stamps are now available. They have a great painting of a Long-tailed Duck by Joshua Spies. That alone is worth the small investment! The price is only $15 and the money goes to purchasing and preserving waterfowl habitat. To date nearly 3 MILLION acres have been saved, thanks to this program and the hunters and birders that purchase these stamps.
More birders need to get on the band wagon with this program since we all use these areas for bird watching. You can mount the stamp on your binoculars or other optics or, as Black Swamp Bird Observatory sells them, hang the plastic fob on your bird vest or camera strap. The point is, BUY ONE! We need to start investing in our wildlife habitat as do the hunters and fishermen.

Our buddy Hugh, the bizness manager at Black Swamp. That's me holding my stamp, making a really bad face, the one I was born with...

I had to include a photo! It's my blog after all...We saw this Long-tailed Duck last December along the lakefront of downtown Cleveland...before the ice of January came.

And here's your token butt shot of the day! It's amazing how they always turn around for me.

And now for something completely different...
I know this is completely off the subject, butt I had to lighten things up a bit. I am standing with "Monica," our BirdMobile mascot. Now, she's normally outfitted in birding attire, being a birder, though not a very good one. Actually, she's a better perch.
Anyway, we came home one evening, and lo and behold, Monica had been molested and put into a bikini! Imagine my shock and horror at such a gruesome sight! Our neighbors, Nancy and Jim and their family thought it would be a good practical joke on us! Indeed. Here's a warning for you, watch your manikins!

This is what Monica normally looks like next to Laurie's Landie.

We'll be back to "serious" posting later...or not...


  1. I really enjoy your sense of humor. :o) Love the long-tailed duck photos, I've never seen one. Very pretty. Even its butt.

  2. Your post came in my Google Sanibel Alerts, that's why I dropped by. :-)

    I love your Cat Bird, I'll be watching for that one on Sanibel, I don't remember seeing one of them before.

    The manikin joke was a good one. Gotta love neighbors with a sense of humor. :-)