Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not so Common Yellowthroat

The "Common Yellowthroat." Commonly heard, maybe, commonly seen, I don't know about that. At least not seen by me. The Doodles and I (or is it "me"?) hear them all morning and afternoon when we're at the BirdMobile, right out in front of us. But do we ever see it? Nope, nothing butt a blinding flash of yellow and black, screaming through the dense willows and cattails, away from our prying eyes. Then he starts to sing again, just to taunt us a little bit more....ooooh...I oughta...

Ha! This time I caught him in the act of singing his little 'witchety-witchety' song!

Trying to hide in the Marsh of Magee, but I nabbed him before he could duck and run...or fly.

This is a good year for 'Birds From Above and Behind' shots! Yes, I've gone above and behind the call of, duty...

This is the infamous "Angry Female" look that so many of us males receive. Ask the Doodles...
This weekend we will be going behind the scenes on the driving tour of Ottawa NWR with the Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society (followed by a weenie roast at the BirdMobile!) I hope to have a few good photos to post after that!
Maybe even the dreaded...dum-dum-dummmmm...


  1. Nice captures!Specially the singing one and the "Angry Female".

  2. Very nice pics! I got ONE shot of a yellowthroat this summer, looks alot like your 1st photo...I'll trade ya your yellowthroat for my yellow-headed BB...

  3. Love the angry female- though she looks kind of done with buttercups under the chin too!