Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Proud American...

No, I'm not talking about me...or any of the politicos that claim to be "Proud Americans" while they collect their money and trash the world...oops, sorry, that should be in a different blog...

So, the American Redstart, as in starting this post over again...I thought with Independence Day coming up, I'd have to think of something American, so here ya are! He's a handsome bird, isn't he? All dressed up in black and red(actually orange, but I'm color blind so what do I know...). And that flashy tail! When he gets a little riled up, he'll flash his tail feathers to get your attention and to flush out insects. Sort of like waving a red flag!

This is one of the warblies that nest in our area, though it's gonna be hard to spot their nests in amongst all the leaves. That will be a project for retirement (12 years to go!)

Almost from behind. They like to keep an eye on you!

This is a great example of the difference between the male and female. Once again, please note the impatient female and the "I don't care" look of the male. Special thanks to Mark Shieldcastle and his steady hands!

Here's a subtly colored female "Yellowstart" staring down a breakfast-bug. Yum.

This one was WAAAAYYYY up there! It may have been a female or a first summer male, too far and fuzzy to tell.

This poor lady. She doesn't realize that many of the male Redstarts have another mate on the side.
Just like the governor of South Carolina...

You can see the black blotches around the eyes on this one. That's a sure sign of a first summer male.
He can sneak around like this and the older males won't harass him.
Oooh, wait until next year buddy!
This is his 'Ernest Hemingway' deep in thought pose. "Yeah, I'm a deep think...ooh a bug...!"


  1. ...he's a regular Yankee Doodle Dandy (beautiful photos, as usual--funny text, as usual too)!

  2. He is indeed a very colourful American Redstart.Nice set of images.

  3. Hi Dave,
    A wonderful post. I Wonder why male are so beautiful compare to females :-) Did you say sexual selection?

  4. Dave, You're crackin me up!! Love it!!!

  5. Lovely bird photos as usual! Yes the American redstart is a very pretty bird, nice to be able to see any side of it..supposed we have it where I live but I have yet to see it.

  6. Beautiful photos and all of them clickable :D Love the hi-res versions!