Thursday, July 9, 2009

Those Canadians!

"Are you lookin' at me? I don't see anyone else around, you must be lookin' at me!"

I wonder if Canada is having the same problems we in Ohio are having with our delightful and highly intelligent politicians and their disdain for the environment? Let me know!

On to a lighter subject, about 10 grams actually...a very small warbly thing.
Those wacky Canada Warblers, always skulking about making it difficult for the Loop and his lens to capture them. This year, success! I've been going through my files looking at the past years warblies and those Canadians have always been covered by branches, leaves, rocks, stumps, the Doodles get my meaning. They aren't the easiest to spot, butt I have a few good ones from this spring, and even a couple are in focus!

Here's our fine friend, Mark Shieldcastle, holding our fabulous feathery featured friend that I photographed with fantastic fervor wearing his new bling around his ankle. One day I'll post a photo of Mark that contains more than his hand.

This would qualify as a "CrAzY EyE' photo! He was a great model and stayed up for me for quite some time. Even the Doodles saw him!

Ya gotta love that pattern on top of there little feathery heads (TĂȘte faite varier le pas, for Chris.) Please note the same branch as in the previous pic, I told you he didn't move much!

I couldn't post anything without giving you the money shot! Canada Booty babee!

I'd like to thank my fellow Ohioans for reading my last post and harassing our politicians. As I've said before, we birders can wield a lot of power if we stick together!


  1. Thanks for the morning..uh, warble...I think of ya when I see my own birdie behind shots! I've got some of those "you lookin' at me?!" shots too, love 'em! Pretty bird, and nice pics.

  2. Great shots of Canada! and yes, we are covered in rocks and leaves and branches and politicians filled with a lot of hot air, who stand on stumps,loudly denouncing climate change, and quietly doing as little as possible to bother their corporate friends! Oops! Did I just rant? Sorry! (says the Canadian)

  3. Marvelous shot. How did he manage to hold it in hand.

  4. Nice shots! The bird is such a character. Here almost all the birds are always covered with branches, leaves etc oh and they also leave right when I'm ready to capture them )

  5. Hi Rajesh,
    Mark is a bird bander(or ringer) and catches the birds in a very fine 'mist' net. After being taken froom the net they are weighed and their vital statistics are taken, a small band is placed on their leg and they are released.
    If you ever have the opportunity to watch this, do it!