Saturday, August 29, 2009

The excitement of birding in late summer...

A lovely Monarch butterfly.
Ah, beautiful August. The birds have raised their families and some are preparing to migrate to warmer climes. Wildflowers and late bloomers abound. Warm and wonderful, the trees and shrubs are full of leaves and life. Somewhere...birds...but I can't seem to find them!

A tiny Summer Azure, the marsh is full of them flitting about.
Mr. B. Bumble taking care of beezness...

We saw plenty of dragonflies, Common Green Darners, Halloween Pennants, Pondhawks
and of course these three and I don't have my guide at the BirdMobile...oh well...
Hey that looks like a Lady Bug on the right of the leaf!

Who am I?


We spotted this Muskrat trying to get away as fast as possible. I think he was having a bad fur day and didn't want to be seen.

Look closely! There are TWO Leopard Frogs in this photo.

A lone Bull Frog just chillin' out in the marsh.
Have you noticed the lack of bird photos in this too...


  1. Hi DAve,
    Euh where are the birds? I thought it was about birds ready to migrate, or are they gone already :-)
    Here they are apparently, I'm not seeing too much, even the arctic tern have left already. Beautiful insects shots you did!

  2. I was out admiring nature today, heard birds, never saw any...sigh. Well except turkey vultures but they don't count, ick. Anyway, really nice 'other' photos you took!