Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gold Fever

I just realized this is my one hundredth post...yoiks!

I didn't think I would make it this long, let alone have anyone actually look at these pics of mine. Especially with a name like "Birds from behind!" Thanks for visiting! I looked at the map on the side and, wow, look at all the places people popped in from, France, Italy, Columbia. Norway and Peru most recently. Not to mention my friends in the U.S. and the U.K. that visit every day, some of you I actually know, and I apologize for that by the way.

Butt now back to the blog at hand...I got the feva for more Goldfinches...

This is one of those common birds that you see quite often. Butt, somehow, I can't seem to get a good shot of one. They're on our feeders everyday, butt I don't like feeder shots. When I see them in the field, they always seem so far away.

We were at Ottawa (of course) with the Doodles family, Mother Betty Doodles, Sister Debbie Doodles and Herb (a Doodles-in-law). We were visiting the gorgeous wildflower garden behind (where else!) the visitors center. There was a Ruby-throated Hummingbird and a number of butterflies, most notably Monarchs, a future post for sure. And there they were, a number of American Goldfinches attacking the sunflowers and not worried in the least about our presence.

So as the sun was going down, I think I got a few acceptable photos, woo-hoo!

You know, I tried eating ice cream upside down like this, but besides the Doodles getting upset about the carpet stains,
I got ice cream up my nose.
Here's a female American Goldfinch pondering the sunflower seeds and wondering about the fat content and calories contained within. "Maybe I'll go back to the thistle feeder..."

I'll bet you didn't know Goldfinches were good dancers!
Boogie down my man!
" Peek-a-boo! I see you trying to sneak a butt shot!"


  1. the boogieing-down goldfinch. Lovely photos of one of the happiest birds around. Love the yellow on yellow... Congrats on your 100th post! Keep on bloggin'

  2. Congrats on 100 great posts!

    Goldfinches are one of those birds that, no matter my mood, always put a smile on my face. Thanks for brightening my morning!

    Hmm, I manage to get ice cream up my nose even when I'm eating it upright...

  3. Thanks for the smile! :o) I have a hot spot I see goldfinches at but they are really hard to get shots of. Like the blue jay. And the hawks. And the...anyway, very nice photos, well done.

  4. Great Goldfinch pictures. The first is by far the best. I think you and I will never be totally satisfied with Goldfinch pictures. I think because the males have pretty much solid yellow makes them extremely hard to get a great picture.

  5. Yep, those Goldfinches always bring a smile to a persons face!
    I'll keep trying for that 'perfect' photo!
    Thanks for all of your comments.

  6. Great photos Dave. They are such pretty birds and they always seem happy.

  7. what great shots! we have them at our feeders, but you caught them!