Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Banding together...

Truly indecent exposure!
This poor Red-winged Blackbird has been totally humiliated while being banded and weighed.
If you noticed his swollen foot, that is caused by a fungal infection.

On September 17th and 18th (and in May, also!), you can view bird banding demonstrations at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory. How often can you see a bird this close? I actually had to switch to a smaller lens for these shots!

You can learn a lot about bird ID when you are this close and when you have a master bander like Mark Shieldcastle pointing out the details for you. Not to mention Kim Kaufman. There, I didn't mention her...ha...

Stop by, bring your camera and your questions. Afterwards you can visit the gift shop...maybe buy a Kaufman's field guide, some shade grown coffee, a tee-shirt and a membership!

This is a VERY young and confused American Robin.

And this is a VERY shy female Common Yellowthroat. The other pics I have of her show her in high speed blurry motion. Not a happy little warbly today!

This young male Common Yellowthroat is molting into his masked bandit look...just in time for Halloween!

Here's Kimmay showing a young birder how to properly take a bite out of a Gray Catbird.
(not really!)
Angry young Northern Cardinal. Bad hair day... need I say more?

If you look closely, you'll see an eyeball full of Dave!

Gotta love those little Song Sparrows. Always have a happy little song to sing.

If you bring your bunnie, prepare to have Kimmay band it!
And don't forget...The Midwest Birding Symposium starts Thursday!
BSBO will have their mini store there, not to mention(again) Kenn Kaufman will be speaking...out public! Cool, eh?


  1. Dave, I don't mean to correct you but the photo of the young cardinal having a bad hair day? That's actually THE look for young cardinals today. Every hip young Cardinalis cardinalis is sporting that 'do for the fall. The older cardinals shake their heads and mutter about today's youth not appreciating the importance of good preening, but you just can't get through to the younger generation. Different values, man.

  2. What a cute post Dave! Great pics of all the birds. I have young cardinals here that look just like that one..and tons of sparrows. I'm noticing more Titmice around now and Black-Capped Chickadees. I love hearing those little birds.

  3. Really cool post Dave! I was wondering what was the first bird doing?? like drinking coffee! It is nice to be able to band birds. I've done that once, on flamingo in Camargue! Yeh I know they are big and it is sometime quite painful!

  4. I am beautiful Lakeside, Ohio! I hope to go to the bird banding demo Saturday morning. Are you in the vendor section selling your photos?

  5. Chris: The Red-winged Blackbird finished the coffee and was being weighed for the records.

    Hi Kelly: Nope, not selling pics this weekend. I'll be taking photos for MBS of people, places and birdies of the Symposium...