Saturday, October 17, 2009

I smell like bsBO!

So, if "One in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush", what does this mean?

What a great autumn day! We're coming to you live from the BirdMobile on a wonderfully sunny and chilly afternoon.

We stopped by to visit our buddies at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory this morning and drop off a copy of my latest photo presentation. I'll have to figure out how to post a part of my 'slide' show on the blog one of these days. While we were there Kimmay asked if we could help her collect the birds out in the mist nets for banding. We'd have to be real stoopid to say no to that!

While she was pulling the birds from the nets and placing them in the mesh bags, I learned how a Black-capped Chickadee, well known as a vicious killer bird, could crawl up the inside of the bag and attack the palm of my hand with that dagger like little bill! Beware the Chickadee!

Kim does so much to help birds, birders and young people. And on this day a group of eager students from the city of Solon came by for an outstanding learning experience.

They were here as part of the Science Olympiad program to learn hands on about birds, migration and habitat. Kim had them so excited about our little friends. They took turns holding a few of the birds netted this morning and I think it has left a lasting impression on them.

As you can see, me and the Doodles got a little more involved also. This was the first time that we helped out and were able to hold these amazing creatures in our hands. They are so light and delicate to handle and yet they can migrate thousands of miles. I am still in awe...

We need more people like Kim Kaufman to share our love of birds and to teach about habitat preservation!

The crazy eye from a Golden-crowned Kinglet. Check out the bling he's wearing!
When you don't hold those tiny legs tight enough, you end up empty handed and looking silly.

The Doodes is a happy girl!
She has a new favorite bird...

If you can get close enough, you'll be able to see the yellow soles of the Blackpoll Warbler's feet.
Good luck with that!

Kim had their rapt attention.

Proof that not all students only know sports and video games. These young people knew a good bit about birds.

Kim and the students of the Solon Schools Science Olympiad.
Good Luck!

Remember the White-throated Sparrows I had in our gardens a few posts ago.
They look much nicer when you're holding them!

Kim makes you recite an oath swearing you will not "squeeze the guts out of my birds!"

The first Fox Sparrow of the season. THAT'S a pretty Sparrow!

Of course, there has to be a shot from behind!

Thanks Kimmay!


  1. How lucky you are to be able to hold those little birds! I'm amazed that they look so calm. Beautiful!!

  2. Hey Dave, What a great post! Thank you for providing such a vivid description of the experience of banding and of Kimmer's educational work. Loved the photos of the excited students, as well as the bird portraits. You do a wonderful job of telling the story!

  3. Yes Dave, we know more people like this and like you to make us discover more things like this and the importance of life... This is a fantastic post, Dave, and yes you were lucky to see this small birds like this and get them in your hands. Although, I do not know if I will dare to do this, they look so small!