Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My New Favorite Bird (not including the Warbly Things!)

Yep, tonight's a two-post night. I thought the Snake post might not be to the liking of a few of our snake-o-phobic buddies, so here's some cute little birdies to offset the slithery hissersssss.

After me and the Doodles got to hold and cuddle with the Golden-crowned Kinglets at BSBO, we really grew attached to this species. We have never noticed as many in the woodlands as we have seen this autumn. As I was watching them and 'trying' to get a few photographs, well over two hundred fuzzy shots to, uh, file, I noticed how similar to my favorite Warbly things they were.

They very seldom are seen sitting still. These little buzz bombs are darting around snagging insects from every crack, crevice, stick and leaf they approach. Just like a Warbler! So, since spring migration is still about six months away, I decided that Kinglets are the ideal 'practice warbler!' I don't know what I'm going to do once the snow hits...maybe shoot the Doodles throwing snowballs at me...

This one flew so close to check out Doodles, that I couldn't focus without leaning backwards about an inch!

"Eh, What's up Doc?"

The Ultimate Golden Booty!
What is wrong with me?...

This Ruby-crowned Kinglet shot is a prime example of most of my photos...flying blurs.

COMPLETELY off the subject, we were lucky enough to see a Blanding's Turtle. They are rarely seen along the Lake Erie shore counties and are a threatened to endangered species due to habitat loss. Have you purchased your Duck Stamp yet?

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  1. Hi Dave,
    I understand you love this bird so much... it is a cute one and really hard to get shots off! We have the goldcrest here, which is very small and move so fast that I never manage to et a nice picture of it... and I think, because it is so hard, I like him very much...
    Well done for the turtle!