Monday, October 12, 2009

Sparrows of the Home...

The lowly House Sparrow, disliked by American birders. Silly birders!
Take a closer look at a House Sparrow someday, they really are a good looking bird!
Still not at work, still staring out the kitchen window at the feeders...At least we have enough plantings in the gardens so the neighbors don't think I'm ogling them (ick, by the way!)
Our yard list for the month is growing now that I can look out of the windows all day! The Brown Creeper Saturday was the best in a while, too bad I couldn't get a pic. I'll keep a lookout for him. Here's a few of the visitors from today, a very drab, dreary and drizzly day.
My British bird buddies will be jealous of this one!
I lost count at FORTY House Sparrows in the back around the feeders.
And I didn't include the little piggies at the front feeders!
And here's today's prize winner!
We haven't seen the Eastern Towhee in a couple of months, he's back for a visit before leaving for the winter.
Eat and run...or fly...
The White-crowned Sparrows are multiplying in the undergrowth.
This one heard my lens bounce of the glass in the window! Oops, that one hurt.

We always have a couple of Song Sparrows as they nest on the other side of our fence.
You just don't see them in the summer with all the plants and jungle!

Now THAT'S a White Crown!

We've been getting small flocks of young Red-winged Blackbirds flying through on a regular basis.
An odd bird to see at your sunflower feeder!

The Northern Cardinals are finally getting their crests back. Who's a pretty

This Mourning Dove is stupid.
The Cooper's Hawk made a fly by, everything in sight flew away except for him.
I see a lunch date in his future!
By the way, have you ever seen Kenn Kaufman's impersonation of a male Mourning Dove trying to pick up a female? Hysterical!
This shy American Goldfinch would not turn around. I waited and waited, then gave up.
They're the reason we don't dead head our plants at the end of summer. They like the real stuff!

"So, I says to the wife, Blue Jays gotta eat too!, oh she didn't like that a bit! She wants a sign that says 'House Sparrows Only!'"

The Chipmunk said he would eat through the pond liner if I didn't post his picture.
They 'spliced' into our cable service for underground internet gotta keep an eye on them rascals!


  1. Ahh, to sit and watch the feeders all day - I'm green with envy (especially over your towhee!) And is there a species of sparrow that is actually ugly? I love 'em.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Wow what a diversity in your garden!! That's crazy man, when I think I rarely see one in mine. Yes, it is strange to say but even if you put feeders, birds in Iceland just don't come to house garden!!! I love the last shot! it is so cute!