Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yoiks! Look at those deadly talons, poised and at the ready... pounce on some unsuspecting, innocent seed!
This continues and concludes the second half of our Sunday in the park...without George. After we left Canalway, we went to the Rocky River Reservation, home of the upcoming North Coast Nature Festival (where I will be 'behind' a booth with my photos!)

It was such a sunny day, we didn't want to go home and do the dreaded "CHORES"! So we wandered through the woods and trails looking for birds and whatever else popped up. It was a pretty quiet afternoon, other than the Chickadees and Nuthatches. We did see one lone Moth fluttering through the trees near a creek...future bird food I think!

You probably guessed that the owner of those "killer talons" was a Red-breasted Nuthatch.
This was the first one we've spotted since last fall.

A fellow birder leaves seed along the trails on stumps and other hidden areas.
It makes for great photographic opportunities, even for a hack like me!
This Nuthatch spotted the seeds and has to decide which one to pounce on.

He decided the ones in the snow looked better...just like me, a frozen food diet!
Though I prefer to microwave mine before eating ...
And a token butt shot...
Even from behind, he kept an eye on us.
This White-breasted Nuthatch wasn't the hot model of the previous blog...

This Dark-eyed Junco was enjoying the sunshine as well!
I didn't notice the leg band until I got home...can't quite make out that number...

All I could hear from this Downy Woodpecker was a very loud "OM-NOM-NOM"!
What a pig.

Name that Butt!

Yep, a White-throated Sparrow...
You peeked didn't you?

While Bob was taking his afternoon siesta in the car, we saw his cousin Alvin.
You may have spotted the poll up in the corner...
I'm going back and forth on keeping this blog going...Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. Should I stay or should I go(hmmm, sounds like a song by the Clash).

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  1. Name That Butt...Sparrow maybe White-throated.

  2. Richard is always on top of it!
    Thanks Angad!

  3. WoW Dave,
    The first shot is simply amazing... I think I contemplated it for about 10 minutes!!! Just admiring it! I love this post and I loved Alvin... So how big is Bob family ;-)

  4. Thanks Chris! I was hoping for a shot of him posed nicely of the tree trunk, but you know my luck! Hmmmm...Bob's family? I can't count that high!

  5. ...why on earth would you shut your blog down? You're funny and you take fantastic photos, and I always like hearing what the Doodles has to say too! I am so far behind. I've got to catch up with everything.

    Loved the photos of the Red-breasted Nuthatches. I just don't see many of them, so when I do I get very happy!

  6. Fantastic capture on the nuthatch!

  7. Hi Kelly! As soon as the Warblers hit, I'll be happier about the blog!

    Thanks Andy!

  8. If Kelly Peanut and Doodles say YES keep it going - I think that answers your question. Regards, Bob

  9. Bob...stoopid Chipmunk...I fall for gags...