Monday, March 29, 2010

Shreve Sensations...part one of?...

*Please note Mr. Casual chillin' on the right side...

We had an outstanding time at the Shreve Migration Sensation this past usual! I have quite a few photos I would like to share throughout this week...where do I start...? How about at the beginning on Saturday?

We got to Shreve about 8am...cold...frosty...cold...damp...and cold. Did I mention that it was a bit nippy out? 23 degrees to be precise when we arrived. It had snowed on Thursday, about 3-4 inches, but most had melted since then. The skies were clear and the birds were singing!

We made our first stop at Wright Marsh, a wonderful place to spot many species of duckies, geese, swans and other marsh, mucky loving birds. A few of the trails that lead to the furthest dikes were flooded so this was a good time to have a scope...which we left in the car...oh well.
Volunteers are always around with scopes to share the sights with all the birders!

This first post concerns the actions of one, questionable, Bufflehead. This guy may not have been the brightest, or maybe he just sees what he wants and won't give up easily. The moral here is, don't move in on another mans woman...

Mr. Casual on the left, checkin' out the babes.
Unfortunately, the buxom babe is a Lesser Scaup and he doesn't have a chance with her.

Please note the little "submariner" Bufflehead.
This is what happens when you get to close to a women who's spoken for.

Mr. Casual gets 'goosed' again.
The Canadians aren't impressed with his technique.

This guy just doesn't know when to quit!
It was fun watching Mr. B dive under water and come up under Mr. Casual.

This was his last warning...and it seemed to least for now.

Did I mention the Amish pies?


  1. You know as funny and cute as this story is, your photography is amazing! Well done! And that pie looks good too.

  2. Thanks Susan! That's my pie!, and I'm not sharing...

  3. Excellent Dave... Your humor is unique and makes me laugh a lot! I love your blog and your story mate!! Thanks for sharing this unique experience with us ;-)