Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Yardbirds...

Today I will be at the North Coast Nature Festival at the Rocky River Nature Center. I set up most of my booth Friday evening, but I have a few last minute details to work on this morning.

I have everything loaded in my car, extra props, cash box(just in case someone actually buys a photo!), Bob...and my camera...

So, I'm looking out the kitchen window, checking out the feeders before I leave, when I hear a Red-bellied Woodpecker calling...from the ground below the window. I thought "That's an odd place for a Woodpecker." When I looked down, it wasn't a Woodpecker, it was a Brown Thrasher feeding in our garden! Quick, run and get the's in the car! I would scare it away if I open the door.

Next best thing...yell at the Doodles in the shower.
(I repeat my exclamation...)
I yell louder and she tells me where the camera is. I get a few shots...I really need to figure out her's so little and it doesn't have enough buttons...very confusing. She get's out of the shower, she didn't understand what I was saying for the most part...and she missed the bird, so sad.

Here ya go...a Brown Thrasher in our garden...I gotta run now!

Stop by and see me if you're in the area! The fest runs Saturday and Sunday 10am until 5pm!


  1. Wow how cool to get this nice bird in your yard... I've only got a couple of starling turning around, I think they are trying to nest somewhere!

  2. Chris! I can always count on you to be the first on a new post!
    I'm sorry about the Starlings...maybe you should move to Ohio, good birds, no volcanoes.