Monday, November 22, 2010

Birds From Behind...(trees that is)...

A Great Blue Heron flying OVER the trees at sunset...

Yep. The BirdMobile is our escape from insanity, or reality as some call it. We can breath as soon as we cross Sandusky Bay. Our home and it's wonderful garden and the habitat we worked so hard to make more natural is a great thing too, but, getting away from the noise and neighborhood is better. One day we won't go back home...

Tundra Swans sailing south. That's a good tick on the 'yard' list!

We've heard Great Horned Owls quite a bit during the past few weekends(much nicer than loud neighbors!)
I thought this was one until I blew it up and discovered a Bald Eagle!

Now this IS one of the Great Horned Owls!
From Behind...a tree...

...And another at sunset!

This marsh is visible after the leaves drop from the end of our row.
These are the ducks that the Eagles like to harass, better than TV!

Hey! That's a Peregrine Falcon out there!

He spent fifteen to twenty minutes chasing a Bonaparte's Gull.
Here he's diving in for the kill...and he missed again!
He never did get that gull and he gave up and headed towards Magee Marsh.

The moon was bright enough to shine through the hazy clouds...
And I'll leave you for now.

Please remember to harass your local politicians about Wind Power!


  1. First image, is very nice and interesting, love it ;)

  2. Cool post Dave. I'm eager to see your guide "birds from behind" ;-)

  3. Thank you Dominic. That is one of my favorites from the BirdMobile. Gorgeous sunsets out there!

    Don't hold your breath Chris, it may be a while!

  4. It's really cool, especially the Peregrine Falcon.

  5. Yes Bob, it was cool...about 40 degrees...(haha)

    Thanks Springman, I'll try it tonight!