Friday, December 17, 2010

Birdin' With Bobb...looking back part one...

This is one spoiled rotten chipmunk!

First of all, let me tell you that Bobb made me do this post...He's making more idle threats about erasing everything on the computer...again. So what the heck, it's Christmas and he's been good lately. (Good meaning quiet and out of my hair...that's another joke!)

These are some of the folks he's met this year, whether they wanted to meet him or not...

Poor Cheryl the Weedpicker, she had no idea of what was going to happen to her.
The bite healed quite nicely.

Bobb met Chuck the Beaver at the North Coast Nature Fest in the Cleveland Metroparks.
They behaved.

Also at the Nature Fest...Bobb met Musty the Muskrat...
He keeps an eye on the desk...then they put it back in...ha.

This is Bobb...with Bob.

Bobb found his cousin, Bobbette, when we visited the President Rutherford B. Hayes Home.

Crystal Bowersox, the finalist from American Idol lived in our area.
Bob was hoping to meet her. She knew better...

This is Karen, aka Skittles!, from the Black Swamp Bird Observatory.
She kept him in line. Don't mess with the Skittles!

Paul Baicich eats chipmunks.
Bobb is very afraid!
He seems like such a nice guy...

Bobb was very honored to meet Toco the Toucan.
Me and the Doodles were even happier to meet Ruth Miller and Alan Davies of the Biggest Twitch.

We tried to feed Bobb to Wylie the Walleye...but he was stuffed...

You can tell by the look of fear on Iain's face that he knows Bobb is near.
Michael had no idea.

Sometimes his tail gets in the way...

Here's Bobb and the Doodles with Sally signing her calendar.

Every once in a while Bobb does something good. He bought his wildlife stamp from Hugh at Black Swamp.
I wonder where he found that money...hey!

Kenn is the reason Bobb has two b's now...wacky...

Kimmay, our hero and the big boss of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory.
She let Bobb join the Ohio Young Birders club...silly chipper...

Bobb attacked our friend Jim McCormac at the Shreve Migration fest.
Bobb later regretted that move...

And Bobb discovered his great grandfather's headstone at Lakeview Cemetery.
Robert "Chip" Schmunk.
I don't make this stuff up...really...


  1. This is ridiculously cute. And the Schmunk family stone made me laugh out loud...betcha they haven't heard much laughter in awhile

  2. That blog is totally 'er funny. Great Dave. What happened to the birds.

  3. Thanks Susan...yeah, it's a little bit quiet at the Schmunk stone...

    Bob, birds? Nuts, I knew I forgot something!