Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chilly Outside, Cozy Inside...

After all the birds I saw at Ottawa...Magee was silent.

This past Saturday Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Ottawa NWR and the Magee Sportsman Center held their annual winter open house. And that's where all the action was! We took a stroll along the boardwalk and other than a Cardinal, a Red-bellied Woodpecker and one lone Great Blue Heron...we had a nice peaceful walk...

To get warmed up, we stopped in to visit our best buddies at Black Swamp. The Doodles got involved in a few of the kids crafts(making them for herself, not helping!) while I ate cookies because I do that better than photographing birds. Oh, and lots of other folks stopped by to say hello.

BSBO has a great selection of bird books and nature guides as well as apparel and gift items, perfect for the holiday! That's a hint...I need new binoculars if Santa is listening...

In the pond next to BSBO we spotted a gang of Mallards, a few American Black Ducks and this lone Northern Pintail.
I think he was happy that duck season is over...

Me and the Bobb finally got our copy of Kenn Kaufman's guide to Mammals signed.
Bobb is trying to research his family tree. I told him being a chipmunk, he probably has a family hole...

Good friend Sally Deems-Mogyordy has a lovely bird calendar with her writings and Bryan Holliday's photos.
Even though there aren't any bird butts, it would still make a great gift!
AND it helps Black Swamp!

Did I mention that we saw 4 Sandhill Cranes flying over?
I wonder why...

We were just backing out of the lot when I spotted them coming over the trees.
I turned off the engine, jumped out and started shooting directly overhead.
I still need to apologize to the car I blocked in...oops.

Maybe this weekend I'll get a few good shots...don't laugh, it could happen!

By the way...thanks to all that have signed the petition!

Speaking of signing things...

The American Birding Association is seeking nominations for their 2011 ABA Awards.
I recommend that all members nominate Kim Kaufman for the Chandler Robbins Award in Education/Conservation for all that she has done for the young birders in Ohio and around the nation!
Please click HERE for the link!