Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at Magee...

A Christmas gift for me! A Hermit Thrush in winter

While the Doodles was visiting her boys in Las Vegas( where it's NOT snowing!) I was supposed to be working on a frozen pipe and leak at the BirdMobile. I soon discovered that I am NOT a plumber...and gave in the the call of Magee Marsh.

Not a creature was stirring...well no human type creatures anyway. It was very peaceful and covered with a cozy blanket of snow. A good day for a quiet walk in the woods.

As you can see, this shot was taken at a lower angle than usual.
This is where I slipped and fell down. DOH!
The camera is fine, and I liked the way things looked from down here anyway...

What a surprise to find a Hermit Thrush on the boardwalk!
He popped up from underneath the walk and came quite close.
We talked for a little bit, actually I did all the talking.
Why do you think they call them "Hermit" Thrushes?

All through the marsh you could hear the sounds of squeaky toys. I thought Santa must be near!
Then I realized it was just the Downy Woodpeckers talking about their sore heads...

The Bald Eagle's nest grew a luck on locating the Eagles though...

That little dark spot in the middle?
That's a Coyote on the frozen lake. He kept an eye on me as I walked along the beach.

A little clump of feathers...someone had lunch here!

You're never alone in the woods.

It was a little breezy..and a little chilly as well!
I don't remember seeing this much ice on Lake Erie in quite some time.

A Northern Cardinal will always brighten the darkest day.

This is not a photo of a Winter Wren.
I gave up on chasing him around these stumps and tangles.
Wrens make me dizzy...

Deer season is over.
You can tell because I got very close to this White-tailed Deer!

I'll leave you now with this Christmas wish for you all,
I hope you all get some fine booty today and in the New Year!


  1. A nice treat you have for me, but the Northern Cardinal is wonderful, it is only the Red against the white. The Thrush, Deer and the Woodpecker are so worthy contenders.

  2. Thanks Bob.
    Gotta love those Cardinals in the winter!

  3. I'm always one to cheer on the fine booty! Happy holidays to you and the Doodles!
    PS - it looks mighty cold there....

  4. Heighdy-ho Bird Couple! Cold indeed!

  5. Great post Dave! Looks like a nice visit to Magee even in winter!