Friday, January 28, 2011


A Magnolia Warbly thing with a bad case of the "zoomies."

Yes. It is winter...still...AND I'M GOING CRAZY HERE!!! As if you couldn't tell already. I'm not a real big fan of snow. I have an hour drive to work and when it snows, it turns into a winter sport worthy of an Olympic event. It has snowed quite a bit here...and probably where you are as well, unless you are somewhere warm and cozy, like South America, Central America, India, Asia...I could go on, but I'm just getting more depressed.

I WANT WARBLERS AND I WANT THEM NOW! In the meantime, I will sit very close to my computer monitor, turn the heat WAY up(don't tell the Doodles!) and look at my warbly pics.

If you had any doubts about my skills as a "semi-professional" burd butt photographer, these should reinforce them. Thank you.

This would have been a Canada Warbly thing...

What a lovely tree! Too bad this stoopid Black-and-White Warbly thing got in the way!

"I'm a Bay-breasted Warbly and I'm gonna screw up your photo!"
Don't you just hate wise guy birds...

I shall leave you now with my lovely portrait of a Yellow-RUMPED Warbly thing!
Oh, just had to move didn't you...sheesh...


  1. Hoz come the birds-formerly-known-as-yellow-rumps don't have yellow buttz?

  2. This is the perfect time of year to exercise that wonderful sense of humor! Enjoyed your post very much. ~karen

  3. Great blog, and birds. I especially liked the Bay-breasted Warbly, nice colours.

  4. I hear you!!! Up here in Alberta we have had snow for 3,4,5,6 .... too long!!! Hey, well would look at that; it's snowing even as I speak! Thanks for the warm photos! Love the Canada Warbler!

  5. Ranger A, If ya look at the top of its booty, you'll see a big yaller spot, kind of a 'tramp stamp' fer burdz.

    Thanks Karen, I think I may be getting too much exercise though...

    Thanks Bob! Gotta love them colorful warblys!

    Paula, STAY WARM! It's only a few more months til the warblys come back!

  6. Love it Dave, 'tramp stamp' fer burdz!! Made me laugh out loud!! Thanks
    Great post as always!

  7. Thank you Binaca. I hope you weren't drinking anything when you LOL'd!