Friday, March 4, 2011


"Are you lookin' at me? You must be lookin' at me, 'cause I don't see anyone else here!"
This is the Robert Deniro of Magnolia Warblys...beware of him!

Yep, May is coming soon and I don't want to talk about snow anymore...or shovels...or snow blowers...or two hour drives to work. You can't make me. So there. ha.

And do you know what May brings kiddies? Well let me tell you...The Biggest Week in American Birding right here at Magee Marsh along the great Lake Erie! Oh my...if you haven't seen the wonders of migration along our shores you have missed out on a wondrous time in birdville!

You want warblys? You got 'em by the dozens! We get a Kirtland's Warblything every year. Last year Kenn Kaufman arranged for three. You want Vireos? We got them too! How about Summer and Scarlet Tanagers? Yep. Nighthawks? Yep. Snakes, dragonflies or butterflies? Yep, we got it all! Oh yeah, Good food? Oh my, yes!

Our good friends at Blackberry Corners, Brenda and Jim have the BEST pies around, not to mention burgers and the Doodles favorite grilled cheese and onion samiches! Oops, I supposed to be talking about birds...but those

Anyway...BWIAB will have guided tours of the areas, great talks with speakers from around the world, special identification programs and so much more! Register quick! You'll thank me when you see those Warbly things!

*If you ever noticed red highlighted, bold italic names or words in my blog, click on them as they are links to more information!

Speaking of food...We had a lovely dinner with Hugh, Judy, Delores and Kimm and Kenn Kaufman of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory(BWIAB sponsors) at the Eagle's Nest restaurant. BEST CHOCOLATE MALTS in the area!
We even let Bobb out the house for this!

Did I mention the Black-capped Chickadees?

Or how about a Canada Warbly for my northern buddies?

You can never have too many Black-and-White buttz!

And then we have these Cape May Warblys doing their best "Bald Eagle" pose.
"I'm so majestic!"

Great Crested Flycatchers like to watch dragonflies too.

Red-eyed Vireos don't get enough sleep...must be all the warblys to look at!

The Scarlet Tanager says, "Fiddle-dee-dee..."

Beware of the White-crowned Sparrow if you're a politician trying to screw up the planet!
He'll sh*t on your head!

Speaking of which...
RAMBLING RANT, part two...
A while back I had a post about the wind turbines that were proposed for our area. Well it seems that three have been approved, three hundred foot slice and a major migration zone! The folks in the area have been told by the politicians and the wind power people that the birds will be fine and the energy will pay for the towers and help the county.

As I understand things, and I'm not the brightest bulb, these have to run for close to ten years before they break even. And speaking of breaking...they need to be replaced about that time too.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the idea of wind power. It will be an efficient and clean way to produce power soon and IF in the right areas, they won't cause major bird deaths. But RESEARCH should still be done BEFORE they are installed. "Got elections coming up, gotta look good for the constituents, like I'm doing something for them"...for a change.

Here's one more video of what could happen, caution please, this is very graphic.

*Remember my last rant about Senator Rob Portman. I received another reply from him. Apparently I don't understand that saving the environment is bad for business...moron. We'll all be rich...with no air to breath...oh well.


  1. Great Crested Dragoncatchers! Oh my!

  2. It's hard to imagine May and the warblers all over the place. I have to confess that when it comes to warblers that my knowledge is dreadfully weak.
    Excellent post with photos and story.

  3. I'm looking forward to our warbly invasion over here too Dave.

    As for wind turbines; I hate them, wherever they are. Complete waste of money.
    And politicians seem pretty dum the world over. If only they all had their own White-crowned Sparrow; like a guardian angel in reverse lol

  4. Yes, it's time for the time of the warblers, soon.

  5. Yes indeedy Marianney!

    It sure seems like politicians are the same the world over Keith! IDIOTS!...anyway, we have warblys to make us smile.

    Bob, I'm running out of patience...very soon!

  6. Sorry for the late comment. I'm behind on my bird butt blogging! (get it? I said, "behind" on my bird butt.... aw, nevermind!

    We had such a great time with you guys that night! We need to do that more often!

    love to you and Doodles, and Bobb, too!


  7. Save a place for me Dave, and a few pies too, after all you don't want the title of "Who ate all the pies" do you? Love the black and white butt, just the best.