Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, Excuse me, Robin? WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!


FOUR TO EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW! That's what the bloody weather forecaster told me. I am no longer watching the weather forecast. Four to eight inches...sheesh. Like we don't have enough already! It's raining cats and dogs right now. Well, not really cats and dogs, but it is raining. AND THEN WE"RE GOING TO GET FOUR TO EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW! Oooo, I am so mad right now...I could type naughty words all over the place! Doodles would wash my mouth out with soap and I would be grounded for a week, so I won't use any naughty words...poopy-ca-ca-doody...sorry.

So, anyway...where are the damned Robins when you need them? Ick...snow...never mind.

I feel about like this poor kid right now.

"If I raise my wings like this, I can just float away!"

"Mommy! Tell us it ain't gonna snow no more!"

"Say, I look all spotty to you?"

Here's the original Robin for my UK buddies.
I hope their weather is better...

This is for the weather man...I'll be back when the snow stops...or maybe sooner...


  1. Oh, I hope you don't wait until it stops snowing!! I so look forward to a good laugh when I read your blog. This is a great series of photos that you've fitted your dialogue into. I'm sending some butterflies up your way!! ~karen

  2. Sorry to rain (oops) on your party Dave, but you've probably got robins in your area. You just have to run into them.
    We've seen robins every month this winter. Let me tell you that when you see a robin at minus 30 in Jan. you don't think about spring!

  3. Oh. Crap. I guess I must have known the forecast would suck, so I didn't watch the tube today. So a big thank yewww for just making my day. Drat...

  4. A few days of warmer weather is winter's cruel joke on us!! It makes it that much worse when it turns cold again.

    Freezing ice pellets here in Ontario today but I did see a small flock of Red-winged Blackbirds, so maybe they know something.

  5. Great, humorous post! Hurry Spring!

  6. Hi Karen...not to worry, with my attitude, I'll have lots of things to say!

    Red, you're right, I lied(go figure)we've had a couple Robins in the gardens...butt I'm still mad!


    Harold, Yep, Red-wings are the real harbinger of spring! I think within the next three or four months we may see spring...I hope.

  7. Hahaha....I don't know how you guys are coping. It's never ending for you. We are just getting rain...and rain...the Ohio is going to crest 3 feet over flood stage they for the Little Miami--forget about it! ;-)

    I hope you survive this additional blast of cold and snow without going crazy.

  8. Hi Dave We have still had a couple of frosty mornings this week in the UK but the spring flowers are arriving. A great post to read with your enjoyable wit and lovely images.

  9. Talk about bringing up the rear! How perfect that your epic humor closes a perfect WBW!

  10. Hi Kelly! I remember trying to drive from the east side of Cincy to the west side around the Little Miami. Almost as bad as the snow!

    Thanks Andrew, send me some spring flowers!

    Springman! Your name needs to be temporarily changed. "Bringing up the rear" why didn't I think of that?

  11. Oh my! I do feel sorry for all you up north..been a long cold winter! I would whine too... I like all the video links. A Christmas Story is my fav. Christmas movie. :)

  12. Good pictures of the American Robin, and the European Robin as well.

  13. Great photos and post on the robins.

  14. Great butts Dave and great chatter! I lived in the North for many years, but I finally came to my senses and moved here to Texas, Yee Haw! It's only going to be 71 degrees here today and Sunny. I was hoping for warmer, but it's been a cold winter here too! Keep posting insanity, because reading your posts keeps the rest of us sane...

  15. Hi Dave, amusing post as always. I would LOVE to see a robin - but since we're having sleet and snow with high winds aka blizzard!, I hope there aren't any wayward robins lurking in the hedges. Happy shovelling.

  16. Hi Dawn...yeah, I feel bad for you, down in Florida where you don't see any snow...terrible...

    Thanks Bob!

    Thank you Eileen!

    Old Folks, How can you possibly deal with ONLY 71? maybe I should move too!

    Kathy, I guess I shouldn't complain, at least I'll get springier sooner than you guys up there!