Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shreve Migration Sensation!

Beautiful downtown Shreve, Ohio...where birders are always welcome, and birds too!

Spring has Sprung and it's time once again for the Shreve Migration Sensation! We've attended every year since 2006 and we have always had a great time. If you're any where near Ohio this coming weekend (March 26th,) you really need to make plans for a visit.

As always great speakers will be on hand as well as wonderfully informative workshops to hone your birding skills. Did I mention pies? The finest Amish baked pies you have ever tasted! Even if I don't see anything butt those @#*@ Starlings, I would still be happy with a slice of pie. Anyway, back to birds...yep, they got birds there.

This area has some of the finest wetlands in Ohio with a few guaranteed rarities every year. Ducks galore, Swallows, Sandhill Cranes and even a few warbly things if the weather holds out!

Not to mention Me and the Doodles! If you're in for the weekend look for us and be sure to say "Hello, get out of my way!"...every one else does...

Some of the Funkiest Bottoms in the state!

Even American Bitterns like to visit.

You'll see lots of old Coots hanging around...
especially near the pies...

This Bufflehead heard me mention the pie.
He wants to make sure he gets his share!

I wonder if Hairy Woodpeckers eat pie?

Oooo...Horned Grebe!

Cheryl Harner will speak about native plants, our greatest hero, Kim Kaufman of BSBO will give a great motivational talk for all of us to heed!
And of course, good buddy Hugh will be there with the mobile BSBO store selling guide books and gifts!

Who knows, maybe Kenn and Bobb with do a joint presentation!

Jim McCormac of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, a veritable fount of information on everything natural will give a presentation on Ruby-throated Hummingbirds
...and how to get rid of Bobb...

Muskrats will be on hand to eat marshy stuff and have their photos taken.

If you're lucky, you will hear the melodious call of the Sandhill Crane,
or if you're like the rest of us, you'll hear their scream...

Please be careful while visiting!
You wouldn't want a Snowy Owl to eat your face.

...Or a Song Sparrow to poop on your's really hard to get off...

Another sing of spring are the hundreds of Tree Swallows you'll see!

White-winged Scoter, still my biggest thrill and lifer at Shreve!

If you don't're a butt.
Not really.
Well, maybe...


  1. Looking forward to the 11th Annual Migration Sensation. Hoping to top 1000 visitors for the third year in a row!

  2. Cool stuff. KK will do a program with Bobb? I'd pay good money to see that. Well, maybe I'd pay with funny-money.

    One of these days, DH and I will get to Funk Bottoms. We've heard about it since forever.

    How'd you get the Snowy pic?

  3. Yet another super amusing post, Dave. Funk Bottoms is officially on my list of places I need to visit.

  4. Marianne, we haven't told about his program yet...shhh! The Snowy is a rescue bird from the Medina Raptor Center, I forgot to link to them...oops.

    Thanks Harold!

    Kathy, everyone needs a little Funk Bottom...(?)