Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Needs the EPA?

If you're viewing this blog, I think you will agree that this Black-and-White Warbler is a beautiful bird worth saving.

Right now, I am beyond angry. I wish I was an eloquent writer and could express my feelings in a concise and tactful way. But I'm just Dave, a birder and lover of all of nature.

But for how much longer? If you have read this blog or others similar to it, you are aware of the current attack on what we love. The highly intelligent individuals that have been elected to rule this land are hell bent on destroying it. "Deregulation" is there theme. "Big corporations know whats best for the world and we should let them take care of us." What do you think would happen if they dismantled the EPA? Do you really think the economy would improve? Do you believe that your current state of living would be better? How about that wildlife refuge you love to visit? Will it still be there. or will there be a coal mine, an oil well...or wind turbines?

I'm always amazed at the number of birders out there. So many polls claim that our group is one of the largest outdoor activity groups in the nation. And we all seem to have blinders on. "As long as they don't touch "MY" park, who cares." If you don't so something now, we'll all lose.

Doesn't anyone remember DDT? If it wasn't for the persistence of Rachel Carson and her book "Silent Spring" I might never have seen one Bald Eagle let alone a dozen in a weekend at Magee Marsh. Do you really believe ridding our nation of the EPA and regulation and letting big business do as they please will be good for nature?

Please write your Senators and Congressmen.

There is strength in numbers and YOUR voice will count!

Don't let this be our last sunset...


  1. You said what has to be said and said it well. Keep on the topic. Many times we feel as if we are the only one who cares so it's nice to know others are out there and agree with us.

  2. Thanks Red. I find it hard to post humorous comments when there's such a great chance that our environment will soon be destroyed. Hopefully others will get involved.

  3. Dave, firstly cracking B&W warbler image. Secondly, I work for the UK version of the EPA and we have gone through the latest government review. We survived this time so hopefully there will be the same result with the EPA. All the best.

  4. Thanks Bob and Matt.

    Funny letter I received today. Senator Rob Portman, you know the moron I've spoken about, he or someone on his staff replied to my latest email concerning the EPA. He says he agrees with me...and we need to stop the EPA...WTF! I'll have to send him another email and a dictionary...obviously, he's a moron.
    If you live in Ohio, write him...a lot.

  5. This is a very timely post, I completely agree. I try to have hope (and I do write to my Congressmen), but it is hard. Where I live in central Illinois is already justly called the "agricultural wasteland." The city I live in expands continuously with hideous, environmentally barren subdivisions. One of my favorite parks has just been ringed by an enormous wind farm. Last fall a massive fish kill occurred in one of our major creeks because of toxic run-off from a dairy. That's all just in my county! And on my own blog, I try to focus on the beauty of birds and nature but I frequently feel I'm just fiddling while Rome burns. Anyway, great post.

  6. Thanks Esmerelda...I feel the same way...kinda pointless.

  7. ...I've been listening to the reports coming out on this issue and am amazed. I remember when Nixon created the EPA back in 70. I was very young at the time. Conservation education was huge at our school and we all knew about DDT, and we all assumed the eagles were going to go extinct. It was a very scary time for a 2nd grader. I remember feeling safe when I learned the EPA would take care of the environment (simplified through the eyes of a 2nd grader!). Over the years I never thought there would be an attempt to dismantle it's scary again!

  8. Well, that's the point Dave, we do not really have any possibilities to change this, only money has!!! Pointless!!! I'm afraid our grand kids will not see that much of wildlife!! But numbers might change things...

  9. Kelly, we all need to get a little LOUDER! Then maybe we can be heard over the Teabaggers.

    Chris, with folks like you, I have hope. Your children will have a different outlook and attitude and things WILL change in the future. I guess we just have to be patient...