Friday, April 15, 2011

North Coast Nature Festival!

This is my alter ego. I don't really look like that.

It's that time again! Those poor folks at the Cleveland Metroparks unwittingly gave me space, once again, to show and sell(ha!) my photos of birds and bugs. Silly people.

Saturday, April 16th from 10am to 5 pm, they are holding the annual North Coast Nature Festival with demonstrations, special programs and nature oriented vendors. At 8am there will be a bird walk with Laura Erickson and at 11am she will give a special presentation. She is always worth listening to!

I'll be inside the nature center in a different spot than usual...almost eight feet west of my usual hang out. I think they are trying to get me closer to the door...I can't understand why...

Maybe you'll see a Yellow-rumped Warbly thing!

Or maybe you'll see Bobb and one of his friends!
Bring your buddy and have his picture taken with Bobb, who knows, you may end up on this bloggity!

This is what the Rocky River looks like...'s all rocky and rivery looking isn't it?

The White-breasted Nuthatches like it here.
Me too.

I'll be cowering next to the bee keepers booth.
I don't think that net is going to help...

If you look quickly you may see the Doodles wandering around!

Bobb like to makes friends, especially ones that don't talk much...

This is Paula.
Everyone say "Hi Paula!"
Paula says I've been too cranky lately.
I told her I would stop.
She helped us when we first started birding.
I owe her a favor.
An even BIGGER one now that I put her photo here. Sorry.
Hi Paula! Wanna a free bird photo?

You may have noticed the notice at the top of my bloggity: Say the magic word and get a free photo. Don't forget, come by and see me and say "The Magic Word." Really. Do it and don't tell nobody.


  1. Best of luck at the Festival, it looks really cool!
    : )

  2. Good luck at the Festival Dave your stand looks very inviting.