Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Point Is...

Juvenile American Robin.

The point is, the young people of the world! They have a right to be able to go outside and breathe clean air. They have a right to clean fresh water, for drinking and recreation! They have a right to able to see a the wild, free and flying!

These are things too many of us take for granted. I've been very upset about the state of the world and the people that THINK they are running it. I've been writing letters, some answered, some unanswered and a few answered by that moron, Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. But I digress. As I said, the point is we need to do everything we can to get a younger generation involved in the environment. We were all gung-ho back in the sixties and seventies. What happened? We all got busy with day to day life and forgot about all that we fought for.

Bird groups need to be more open to younger birders. ALL of us need to pay more attention to kids that show any interest in the natural world. Drag them outside if you have to, there might be something that sparks their interest. Show them something that you remember from your youth. You never know what can happen...

They might yell at you at first, like this Caspian Tern...

But if you show them a different way of looking at things, they might understand.
Wood Ducks understand.
Feed the youth and they will learn!


  1. That's true. And, you have a wonderful birds, they are free, moves so easily, and like us, are alive and kicking.

  2. You be right, dude. Drag their sorry carcasses out! That's how we roll.

    Anywho, my hubby wants to buy a bird butt guide book. Let us know when you publish it.

  3. :) I do what I can to inspire my peers to protect, conserve, observe, and love our natural world. It's hard with all the superficial values and opinions that cloud teenagers' minds these days... but I'm certainly determined to reach out and showcase the beauty of nature through my art and photos. For my girl scout Gold Award community project, I'm thinking of doing something with Sandy Ridge...maybe organizing a few youth bird trips?

    If my schedule permits and my Social Anxiety/ OCD gets a little more controllable, I will DEFINITELY join the OYBC. I've always wanted to be a part of it, just my anxiety really gets in the way. :-( I'm very nervous about meeting new people and social situations, BUT, it will help if they're all birders like me!

    I'm also in the very very beginning of outlining a possible Teen Guide to Birding, as suggested by my dad. I know *I* would've liked to start off with a bird book designed specifically for my age group; and being a writer, artist, and photographer, I'm sure I could do it. My dad knows a publishing company so... all I need to do is get to writing it!

    Thanks for all these inspiring posts about our environment; I'm so glad you are taking action! KEEP IT UP.


  4. Right on! What a comeback!

    My eight year old daughter is the one out of all the kids who throws fits about going out birding and keeping quiet to do it. I told her about your blog today and realized that it's just the thing for her because of the birds' butts and Bob. I'm committed to showing your posts to her and to seeing what I can do to inspire other youths into the wilds of nature (maybe through going into the kids' classrooms).

    At any rate, glad to see the new fire!


  5. We have written a program which is for a Young naturalist's Club(YNC). So far it's been a struggle but we learned things by writing the program.

  6. Big thanks to you all and especially Cindi for the great motivation!

  7. I fully understand your frustration Dave. I wish someone had helped me to take a wider interest in all wildlife at an earlier age. Many youngsters I come into contact with have far too many other distractions and fail to understand the balance required for the planet's wildlife to survive. We just have to keep plugging away in the hope that our words and efforts eventually pay dividends.

  8. Amen indeed Jason. An idea for a new movie perhaps?

    Frank, I think there will be a few young people that will get fed up with the way things are going and realize their future depends on action.

  9. I'm so glad to see you back again. Although I am frequently disenchanted myself with the way things are going, I never meant to imply there is no point in trying...and admiring the birds you see. Just that it can be very discouraging! I think your particular type of humor is a great addition to the blogosphere...and the more people out there looking for birds, the better! The next generation is definitely important, both to give them birds to see, and to inspire them to see birds!