Friday, May 13, 2011

Butts along the Boardwalk...

A Prothonotary Warbly making a trip to the pantry for a little munchie...

We're back at Magee! It was rough going back to work for a few days, butt that's the price you have to pay to be able to spend quality time on the boardwalk. LOTS of butts today, human and warbly! We'll post the fine folks and fellow bloggers we've seen along the way soon.

BUTT first!...some of our feathered friends...

Here's one of those confusing bootys!
A female( rhymes with tamale!) Black-throated Blue Warbly...

The Tree Swallows are nesting everywhere along the boardwalk.
More babies to eat them skeeters!

Okay, it's not from behind...butt you gotta love the flappiness of his flaming wings!

We saw FOUR Common Nighthawks roosting right over the boardwalk today!

Not really on the boardwalk...this is a Marblered Godwit booty spotted behind the Barnside Creamery ice cream shop(right across the road from the BirdMobile!).
The Doodles had a sundae while we were looking for this guy!

Here's a little mystery Warbly Thing booty...
I'll tell you in the next post who he is!

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  1. OH I saw those same Warbly things..I love your first Warbly eating at the pantry..very cool! It was so nice to meet you and Doodles! You are Tweet Tweet!