Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Big Year is Here!

Greg Miller and Jack Black...and Greg Miller...

"The Big Year" is here at last! This film is loosely based on the true story of three birders competing for the greatest number of species sighted in a single year in North America. Taken from Mark Obmascik's book of the same name, it's as enjoyable as the original. Even Roger Ebert liked it!

One of the characters in the book is Greg Miller, one of the sweetest birders you could ever meet and from right here in Ohio. He decided to do a big year while working full time and on a strict budget, unlike the other competitors that had seemingly unlimited incomes and free time. He's an amazing man and this movie shows pretty much what he went through to accomplish his dream quest.

We went with two friends, Joanne and Terry from our local Audubon chapter, to see the film and we all had a great time and lots of laughs! If you find this movie playing in your area, get your bird buddies together and get out to see this one! How often does a film about birders come around?

Doesn't he look like a nice guy?
Check out his blog for more info on the film and links to interviews!

Hey kids! It's The Doodles!

...and me...
By the way, watch the credits and you'll see "Lanky Birder played by David Lewis"...I only wish it was me.

Jon Dunn and Greg Miller, mega birders separated at birth.
You know I have to leave with a behind shot...this is from The Doodles "Birders From Behind" collecti0n.


  1. Knowledge is better from behind. Does that mean you are going somewhere, it says on the sidebar that you're selling your home?

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for the comment I have just had a catch up with your blog... lost it along the way somehow..
    Hope alls well with you.

  3. I went to see the movie on opening night while the bsbo gang was there. I was laughing my birder behind off! My 19 year old son, a mostly non-birder, didn't think it was so funny. I thought it was hilarious that the 'fall out' scene looked like a Hitchock movie....

  4. Haven't we met some of the coolest people in the world while birding? You and Doodles are included on that last too. Huggies. Cheryl

  5. Hi Dave, just finished the book last night, for the second time. Looking forward to the film. Happy new Year from all in South Walwes.