Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cleaning up...

Like my little friend here...I'll be cleaning up for a little while. Last year's amazing amount of precipitation gave us an unwanted indoor swimming and lounge area. I am now getting around to painting and putting in new flooring. Yep. Big fun. It's going to be a much better area to edit photos, check other blogs and watch movies on a new TV (any suggestions?)

Sooooooooooo...I will be away for a little while. The Doodles locked me in and won't let me out until it's finished...and she's taking away my computer privileges. Nutz.

Eastern Phoebe...or is it a Peewee...nope...Phoebe...or...

See ya soon!
I hope...


  1. Get busy! The birds are a comin!

  2. Good luck Dave and sorry to hear about the rain damage

  3. You caught that one, beautiful photos.

  4. Lessee..... The Closer and re-runs of Downton Abbey for the boob-tube. And those immortal words from "Blazing Saddles...."
    "Work, work, work, work, work, work work."

    Hope you get yours done before the warbleys get here.

  5. thanks for the update on eagles...should have known that!