Monday, April 16, 2012

Number Nine...Part Two...

X marks the spot of number nine on the Longest Twitch along the Lake Erie Birding Trail!
I think that Robin may have marked that spot as well...

Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve & State Nature Preserve...okay, that's it for today. I have a limit on how much typing I can do and that name used it up. Have a nice day. Boo-bye.

 The nature center has great displays and helpful folks.

Okay fine. You can click on the name for all of the details of the research going on here, directions and activities. BUT they won't tell you what me and The Doodles will tell you! Hmmm...what can I tell you? LOTS of Bald Eagles as you saw in the last post. Marsh, woodlands and lakefront areas to bird...AND they have nice benches spread out along the trails. The Doodles gave it a "Three Bench" rating!

We'll be back on a warmer less drizzly day...
Lots of crazy eyed Black-capped Chickadees.
Watch your step around them...can't be trusted you know...

Speaking of crazy and un-trust worthy...

Downy Woodpeckers always like to strike a pose.
"I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!"
(He needs to cut back on whacking his head against those trees... )

Crazy person and comfy bench.

"Welcome members of the local AFL-GBH"
I wasn't aware of the morning meetings Great Blue Herons had.

This is a dead tree. In the water.
Cool huh?

"Stop laughing at me! At least my hair will grow back."
I hate squirrels...

I asked him to sit still. Did he listen? No.
"Hey...lookit me! Lookit I can do!"
Too many bad nuts...

Another bench...a viewing platform to watch Bald Eagles and Heron meetings from and 
a duck box on the trail to put bad children in.
Come on, laugh! That was funny!

The Wacky Adventures of Goose and Duck...
(A short lived hope.)

"Hey, I can touch my neck!"

"Big deal! So can I!"

"I can pick my butt!"
" win."

...and so ends another wacky day in the life of 


  1. You really gave us a treat today. The herons together is a surprise.

  2. Oh the chickadee and the downy are lovely!!! Love them, but I definitively fall in love with your squirrels, so cute and nice pictures! Well done Dave ;-)