Monday, January 21, 2013

Meanwhile, back in June...

 I asked him to turn around, apparently he didn't understand. Silly Bluebirds...

 These are from last June at Carlisle Reservation in Lorain county, Ohio. Nice folks out there. THey display my photographs and I didn't even have to bribe them. I think I ended the bloggity around this time, so never got around to posting these. Loopy sometimes gets a bad attitude and needs a break.

Now I will pretend it's June and ignore the snow outside and the Doodles calling for me to shovel the driveway because she seems to be buried. Doodles aren't very tall and sometimes get buried in snow, but seeing as I now believe it's June, there is no snow and I will continue to stay indoors. Doodles? Where are you?!
 This is a House Wren. It is not from behind. Butt, the item in his beak IS from behind, sort of...
Do you know what it is?
 Blue Jay booty.
He doesn't know I'm here!

 This is the Willow Flycatcher from the last post, just before he flew away to get some good marsh bugs.
Just a few more months til the Song Sparrows that are still in our garden start to sing!

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  1. I like the way you talk yourself into believing that it isn't winter and we have to shovel snow.
    Great that someone takes your photos and displays them.

  2. Delightful photos! Methinks that little house wren is cleaning house. I migrate to S. TX to avoid that dreaded white stuff! It took me 35 years to grow a daughter and put her in the right investment in my future, to be sure!!

  3. Oooooh! I know! I know! Fecal sac, right? :)

  4. Ha ha! Did you find the Doodles yet?