Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mis-quote of the month club...

 I saw this on the March page of the National Wildlife Federation calendar...and that started a long rant at work...oh my.

 Yep. To me, that's definitely a mis-quote on that calendar. "Owned by all citizens?" I don't think so. More likely owned by any corporation that wants to make big profits on the backs of all Americans. Think of all the land that is being given up for oil exploration and fracking or if you prefer the politically correct term, "energy research." And then we have the logging that is making our parks look like arid deserts.

If you haven't contacted any of your representatives, this would be a good time. It's not like they're doing anything right now...

You can find your Senator here:
You can find your state Representative here:
The Nature Conservancy:

The National Audubon Society:

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds:

 This is an American Tree Sparrow...not sitting in a tree, which may be in his future.

 While trying to hike and bird at Shawnee State Forest, we were rudely reminded how easy it is to lose what belongs to ALL American citizens.

 In the distance you can see the effects of clear cutting and the beginning of more in the fore ground.
 Raccoons needs the trees as well as the birds.
 I hope we don't have to rename Tree Swallows...
 Look closer every once in a while, you'll be surprised at how much wild life relies on trees.
 Caution indeed...

 A politician doing a lovely impression of a Two-toed Sloth.
Amazing, isn't he?


  1. You're right, of course. I shall be in touch with the RSPB. Love your photos especially the Two-toed Sloth, he is funny ha ha ha.

  2. Awesome photos.
    Clear cutting happens here too. Get up on top of the mountains and you look down at vast clear cuts. You can't see them from the road. Research clearly shows tha there are far better forestry harvesting practices.

    1. Unfortunately, corporations rely more on accountants than researchers.