Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Spring" is in the air...

 Shhhh...I think he's gone mad."

 I shall make a declaration. Being that I am the Lord of Loopyland and liege of all I survey(as long as The Doodles isn't around) I have officially deleted the term "snow" and inserted the term "spring." From now on we will only discuss the lovely spring that's in the air...or the spring in my step...that I need to wipe off before entering the house. Not to mention the heavy spring I shoveled from the driveway. And then there's the spring that is covering the flowers that were springing up...Sheesh.

Having a bit of "spring" fever, your Lord and Lady Doodles decided to do a little birding and pass on the spring cleaning...We made it out to Rocky River Reservation a short drive south of us. Their trails are easy to maneuver even when there's a little spring on the ground. We saw or heard all of our regular woodland buddies. We were out until our shivering from the tepid spring temps took the spring from our steps and we headed home to luxuriate in the cozy warmth of our humble abode.

April is nigh...what ever shall we see? Showers?...of watery wetness...I hope...I'm done with spring.

 Who's my favorite little Song Sparrow?
They were having a hard time staying warm as well.

 This is a Red-bellied Woodpecker pretending he is a Great Egret.

 "See?! My breast is white!"
Smart a$$ Nuthatch knows I'm color blind...but I knew he wasn't a Red-breaster!
 A rare shot of a Tufted Titmouse jumping for joy because he found a peanut.
I'll have to report this to the ABA, maybe they'll mention me...


  1. I can tell that you're really trying hard to talk yourself out of deep winter depression. I hope it works. Now that spring is so late it will come with a bang. Things can get pretty warm now.

  2. Brilliant photos, Dave. Patience is a virtue, you know. Think how much you'll appreciate spring when it finally makes it's appearance!! I'm sorry it's so late in arriving.