Monday, May 27, 2013

A Few Fine Feathered Fannies...for fun...

My, my, my...what a wonderful time of the year to be at Magee Marsh! Or should I say "May, May, May! As I've mentioned in the past few posts, I played hooky from work to visit Magee and see the amazing warbly migration and visit my buddies at The Black Swamp Bird Observatory. They understand my issues there... Oh, the hundreds of photos I've taken this year...I  fear I may be stuck behind this computer for quite some time viewing all of those photos...butt I don't mind!

Speaking of butts...ya know I haven't posted a bird booty bloggity in a here ya go!

 Look at that tail! Only an American Redstart has one like it!

 Here's a harder one to ID. It took me a bit to figure out...
Bay-breasted Warbly.

 An easy one for us color challenged birders!
Black-and-White Warbly.
 Black-throated Blue Warblys are hard to get a profile shot, let alone a behinder!
 Black-throated Greenies, on the other hand, are more than willing to spin in every direction to give you the proper pose!
 "I'm gonna eat that name!"
 Blackburnians try to hide way up in the trees, that makes it very difficult to hold a camera over your head to get a butt shot...boy are my arms tired...
 Chestnut-sided Warblys always seem to be facing the other way!
(Use your best wicked witch of the west voice here!)
 Not a warbly, butt what a fancy butt this Great Egret has!
 Magnolia Warbly things like to photographed from behind!

 ...and over again!
 Nashville Warblys are shy...

 Northern Flickers are anything butt shy!
This one was making quite a racket!
 This Northern Parula is laughing at me.
I must have shot 50 pics of this guy...every one was fuzzy...or he was at the edge of the frame...or behind a leaf...or jumping behind a branch...argh....
 Ovenbirds are another one of those warblys that are very shy and try to run away.
He doesn't realize he has wings I think...

 This Prothonotary Warbly nests in the area and is always easy to find.

 See? Here's another...

 This Red-eyed Vireo liked to hang upside down and hop in and out of the vegetation to taunt birders.

 Figures, the only Wilson's Warbly I saw and the only shot close to being in focus is this.
I am a happy boy!

 Another local nester, Yellow Warbly.
I took my brother, Jeff, out to Magee and he saw them building their nest.
Lucky stuff for a new birder!
 You can just barely see the yellow rump on this Yellow-rumped Warbly.
Appropriate name, eh?

 Oh look! He has a butter brain as well as a butter butt!

Bye-bye for now!
Gotta fly...


  1. Awesome post! I get to know few warblers and by the next summer I have to start over again. anyway that's my excuse.

  2. Thanks Red! So few folks find fannies fascinating...