Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Miss EightySeven...

 Hello Little Miss EightySeven! Welcome to our garden...

While standing somewhat numb and making breakfast, I saw something odd flashing around in our gardens. A little warbly thing is always guaranteed to wake me up!And this was a new one for our little oasis in the city. A female Bay-breasted Warbly! Luckily my camera was taking up too much space on the kitchen counter(use your Doodle voice here!) I managed quite a few slightly fuzzy shots through the window.

While tracking her through the bushes and over the rocks to our small pond, what did I spy with my cameras eye? A Blackburnian Warbly splish splashing! Shelter, food and water are the keys to getting good birdies in your yard. What a great day to not be doing what I'm supposed to be doing and staring out the window instead! I need to do this more often...

 The tell tale booty of a Bay-breasted Warbly...and you thought taking butt shots was silliness.

 She's working her way to the water for a little bath.

 She paused when she saw the bath was occupied.

 By far, one of the worst Blackburnian Warbly photos ever taken in the United States.
I got skills....

 Whoa! Wait a second...who's that running across the back of the pond?
It's a female Common Yellowthroat!

And in the front garden, lurking through the shrubs and evergreens was her main man!
We don't often see this many warblies in our gardens on the same day.
 I found it to be a good excuse to stay home and bird watch from home...
We're now up to 87 species at our home!

Stay tuned for more of...
Yard Birdin'!


  1. Sometimes I don't see this many warblies in a whole year in my yard. Well done.

  2. Birds are beautiful, but looking at them from behind does lead one to introspection:) I love your blog.