Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 You never know where you'll find wetland habitat.
This is in downtown Columbus, Ohio

 This Saturday, June 22nd 2013, the Ohio Wetland Association will be holding their annual meeting AND jamboree at the historic Homer Page Farm near Milan, Ohio. You know Milan, Ohio! It's the birthplace of Thomas A. Edison. Wow...three plugs in one sentence! I think that's a record for me...

A lot of people don't think about our endangered and disappearing watery habitats very much. They should. Especially birders. There's so many species to be found migrating through these areas and breeding and nesting as well. For decades, wetlands were considered nuisance areas and should be drained for farmland and development. "Let's make something useful out of that marsh!" Not realizing that these marshy areas help filter and clean out water that we so kindly pollute.

Now that we're hitting the summer season and the migrating warblys have passed us by for Canada, this would be a good time to visit your local misty moisty area and take a peek. You'll be surprised by all that's going on around you!

 Hey Doodles! 
Look at those Common Moorhens, oops, Gallinules fighting over who's gonna get the photo taken!

We're just starting to see more dragonflies appearing for summer buggy fun!
These Black Saddlebags are easy to spot as well as dozens of other species.
A good substitute for warblys in the summer!
 Oh yeah... Magee Marsh.
Definitely my favorite marsh in May!
You can find warblys and migrants in May, dragonflies and marsh birds in the summer, 
and shorebirds and ducks flying through in the fall.

 Every time I see a Green Heron, they look a little different.
This chubby guy was at Sanibel Island, Florida.
 Speaking of Florida...
We saw this Limpkin's butt while on a visit, give me a minute and I'll remember where...or not...
 Meadowbrook Marsh is very close to Magee.
The folks in this town realized how important this type of habitat is and restored it. 
Three cheers for them!
 You'll also see Midland Painted Turtles among others...and frogs...and snakes...and bugs...and...

 You didn't think I would forget one of my favorite wetland nesting warblys did you?
Oh boy, it's a Prothonotary Warbly thing!
Everyone gets excited when they see on of these bright little birds!
These are supported by hunters when they buy their duck stamps.
Have YOU bought a duck stamp? Hmmmm?
This is Ottawa NWR.
 So, where do you think Sandhill Cranes nested?
Yep, marsh moisty wetlands.

 This Virginia Rail was not in Virginia...though I think it's name was Virginia...or Bob...

 Sandy Ridge Reservation is a great place to visit with woodland and wetland habitats.
You can spot Bald Eagles, Sandhill Cranes, herons, ducks and shorebirds there.

 Ummm...these Sora are not fighting...they're...ummm...making more Soras. Yeah, that's it.
 Look closely and you may be surprised at what you see in a marsh!
Besides Wood Ducks...and yes, this is a real photo and I DO NOT use Photoshop in any of my photos!
And now for the token booty shot!
We found this Common Snipe sharing the boardwalk at the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation with us.
He's so kind to lead the way.



  1. You had an awesome day in the wetlands!

    1. AND I didn't fall in(re:pushed by the Doodles!)

  2. Wow, excellent post! Great photos of the Soras!

    1. Thanks Charlotte! (Check out her wonderful blog!)

  3. What a wonderful place for birdlife & other wildlife!!
    I love that Green Heron and the sweet little Warbly!

  4. There is the "Jaws" theme for a shark, is there one for a frog? LOL!

    Wait, I know... (think of the Jaws theme)...ribbit...ribbit...ribbit,ribbit,ribbit...

    I crack myself up!

    1. I cracked up as well...Ill have you doing my captions soon!

  5. Hi there - I did a teacher exchange in Ohio - (now this is a dumb question) - but you dont happen to know a science teacher / biologist / conservation guru called Rich Benz by any change do you? That would be funny if you did.

    Cheers - and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Hello Stewart, not a dumb question cause you never know who knows who in birding! I'm surprised at how many folks I've met from all over the world since I started this!

  6. That Gallinule photo is amazing. I've never seen them fighting. I have, however, seen a frog try to eat a bird. Horrible!

    1. Thanks Cindy! Luckily the didn't have duck for dinner that day...

  7. Beautiful photos. It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

    1. There are so many great wetlands along Lake Erie!

  8. Great series of the wetlands.