Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An Old Friend Returns...

 My long lost buddy...

We haven't had many visits from our friendly Ruby-throated Hummingbirds this year. Here in northern Ohio we had a hard frost late in the spring, right at the time the hummies were migrating north. They don't do well under those conditions, nor do the plants and insects that supply their diet at that time. Along with the stress of migrating from Central America and the southern United States, quite a few of them didn't make it this year.

We've only seen a half dozen hearty souls visit our gardens and feeders this year. This one did a complete tour of all the flowering Lucifer's Crocosmia. It was great to see one linger long enough for The Doodles to watch and for me to get my camera!

Thanks for stopping by little buddy!

 Taking aim...

Going in for the kill...uh...the nectar.

That little flexy beak is perfect for catching little buggy bugs. 

Even though that looks a bit on the wilty side, ya gotta check it out!

"Oops...I've been busted...Gotta GO!"

*Ya know, the more I look at those photos, the more I am unsure of this bird. Female Ruby-throateds have the white spots on the outer tail feathers, but not the dark spots on the throat...or am I over thinking this? 
Any comments or ideas for me?


  1. Hummers are great looking birds - one day i will get to see one!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. It sounds like you spent a little time looking through your bird books and some internet sites for this one, Awesome photos.

  3. I think your photos are spectacular. I second guess a lot of birds I see. I love seeing your pictures.

  4. Gorgoeus photos of the hummingbirds!