Monday, September 30, 2013

20 years of Black Swamp!

 The Black-and-White Warbler is the symbol of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory...

The mission of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory is to inspire the appreciation, enjoyment, and conservation of birds and their habitats through research, education, and outreach.

This mission has been carried out for 20 years by Kimberly Kaufman and the fantastic staff of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory! What an amazing success they've had.

They have introduced so many people, especially young people to the wonderful world of birds, including The Doodles and me. When we first started birding in 2004, we heard about this great place west of Cleveland and its amazing spring spectacle. On a trip The Doodles took to visit her son at Bowling Green State University, she decided to take a detour and search out the town of Oak Harbor, close to this magic birding spot.

As she toured the town, she came upon a store front...the original Black Swamp Bird Observatory office. She met a very excited and helpful woman who told her all about Magee Marsh and the warblies(which would soon consume our brains!) The Doodles decided we were going to visit this place in May. Kim had put her magic touch on the Doodles!

That's the effect Kim has on everyone she meets, from students to politicians. Her personality is magnetic and she draws you in. Twenty years. BSBO STILL draws everyone in to its charm. 

We have learned so much over the years, and made many friends out there. I hope you'll join us in their celebration on October 12th and 13th!

 Kim will always find the time to get more young people as excited about birds and nature as she is.

 Kimmay will even band bunnies...if you ask nicely.

 Research is what BSBO is really all about with over 500,000 birds banded!

 Mark Shieldcastle is the director of research and has an amazing knowledge of birds and migrations.
By the way, that's an Acadian Flycatcher.
Oh look! Their web address is right there on his sleeve! 
Go there.

 Julie Shieldcastle is the conservation director.
(She also has a silly sense of humor, but you didn't hear that from me!)
 Kim has had numerous schools visit to get hands on experience with banding and research.
And acting goofy for the camera too...

 You may have heard of Kenn. You know Kimm has magic powers because she convinced him to relocate to the warbler capital of the world...just for her!
That's Kenn's seriously interested face he's wearing.
I never get that face...he only gives me the puzzled look...go figure.

 If you ever see Kim and her car is broken down...just run away...

On a serious note(really!) if you have a moment, call or email them to wish them a happy anniversary...and while you're at it make a small donation to help the cause.


  1. Places like this that have hands on programs for kids and adults bring long lasting benefits. We need all the people we can get on our side.