Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Longest Twitch, part 937...or something...

 The new Watershed Stewardship Center at West Creek Reservation.

Yes, the Twitch continues...though I've lost track of how many sites along the Lake Erie Birding Trail we've completed...The Doodles says 20...don't argue with The Doodles!

The habitats are really quite varied in this reservation which makes for an interesting day. They have everything from woodlands to wetlands...and the West Creek(duh), a tributary of the mighty Cuyahoga River runs through it. In case you're wondering, "Cuya hoga" is a native American word for Crooked River. Gee, you learned something today. Hmmm..."Cuya Boehner" is native for crooked politician...but I digress.

Great nature center, though closed on Sundays due to budget constraints, great staff of naturalists including good buddy, Tim Krynak and Jen Brumfield. Good trails (wear sunscreen,) and plenty of benches to make The Doodles a happy hiker!

 Looking east at the West Creek...or was it looking west...or...

 Now that's a rain barrel!
They also have a small pond and waterfall here...and a living roof!
I want that.

 Did I mention that you may be able to find birds at West Creek?
Yep, you can.

 Say, Goldie! Ya got a little something stuck to your head.
American Goldfinches...sloppy eaters...
 July and August are the perfect times to see Goldfinches nesting!
 We're still finding American Robin fledglings.
They've had a very busy season!
 Depending on your viewing monitors size...this may be a life size image of an American Toad.
Or not...

 West Creek from Behind...gotta branch out on the bloggity...

 The wetland area right behind the center hosts a whole gang of dragons!
This is a Blue Dasher.
Not one of Santa's reindeer by the way...

This Common Whitetail was standing(hovering?) guard over his mate while she was ovipositing

 "Hi Bob, whatcha doin?"
Some folks don't know when to leave you alone...
Those are Familiar Bluets...just in case you weren't familiar...
Oh, I crack myself up...

 The Doodles gives West Creek a "One and a Half" bench rating...
Oh...there's another funny joke...will it never end?

 Just like waiting in line at the fast food joint...
 Bumble Bees are so soft and fuzzy!
I like to pet them.
 A Bird From Behind!
How'd that happen?
(That's an Eastern Phoebe by the way...) Ebony Jewelwing.
(I ran out of jokes, lucky for you...)
 Longhorn Band-winged Grasshopper.
Not a funny name.
Long name though.
 Poor Red-winged Blackbird.
 Say there lil Song Sparrow, watcha eating?
 "Mrphmumph Clkappnfmfpf"
He said "Field Cricket."
Don't talk with your mouth full.
Another fine lesson from The Loopy one...
 Unlike India, our tigers come in the form of butterflies.
Tiger Swallowtails are not known as man eaters either...
 This is a grasshopper.
He has two stripes.
Guess what he's called?
Those wacky biologists...
(I trust at this point that you guessed "Two-striped Grasshopper. 
If you didn't hang up now and an operator will call you back.)
White-tailed Deer appreciate my humour even if no one else does...
Don't mind me, I'll just sit here alone at my computer and weep quietly...


  1. Awesome trip[ through this nature center. Amazing photos . Thanks for sharing.

  2. Actually, your humor is fun! I love to look at your photos. They are beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Poor, poor Mary...she likes my humor. Thanks! I can forward a good doctors name if you like...